Monday, October 13, 2008

quadrapop lane will run the following building classes at Out of the Prim starting
Sunday October 12th
they will be held at 7pm SLT Sundays
and repeated 7am SLT Mondays
at the Out of the Prim hangout

The following "Know your menu" set is useful for all residents who haven't explored their menus recently.
You will learn what is there, where, and how to use it and the shortcuts for common actions from the menu.

7pm Sunday 12th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 13th Oct)
Know your menus - File Menu - Uploads and Snapshots

7pm Sunday 19th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 20th Oct)
Know your menus - Edit menu Part 1 - Avatars and Attachments

7pm Sunday 26th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 27th Oct)
Know your menus - Edit menu Part 2 - Groups/Friends to reducing Lag via Preferences

7pm Sunday 2nd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 3rd Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 1 - Mouse Look to Mini Map

7pm Sunday 9th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 10th Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 2 - FPS to Beacons

7pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

7pm Sunday 23rd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 24th Nov)
Know your Menus - Tools Menu - quick intro - covered fully in the Basic Building classes

7pm Sunday 30th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 1st Dec)
Know your menus - Help and Advanced Part 1 - snapshots

7pm Sunday 7th Dec (Repeat 3am Monday 8th Dec)
Know your menu - Advanced Part 2

Basic Building - Part 1 - Tools menu and getting to know your edit window
Basic Building - Part 2 - prim manipulation
Basic Building - Part 3 - textures and texturing
Basic Building - Part 4 - prim contents - includes some very basic scripts handling

Landforming - basic landforming for owners of mainland and islands

Particles - basic introduction to what a particle is and what the parts of a particle script do...