Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Upcoming events on QTI

I'm going to attempt to update this blog at least every other day, hopefully daily with Events and info and general useful tips... we shall see;-) (As if I don't already have enough to do!)

At the Rooftop:
5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow
8pm - 10 : Windsor Lorefield
11am-1 : Frederic Graves
6pm - 8 : CheckersSpeech Low

At Out of The Prim:
5pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rooftop Tats are Here!

If you haven't already get on down to the Rooftop Club Gallery and grab yourself a Rooftop Club logo tat - suitable for boys, girls and inbetween, available on all upper body layers. Free from the box just inside the front door of the club.

Around the sim...

... we have new residents (Hi Cam and Nyx) and will shortly have some new works.

quad has collected so much free stuff recently (Halloween holidays are hell on bandwidth!) that as of this weekend she is going to start storing excess inventory in the plants already on the sim (her inventory is getting just a tad out of control)...

Now much of this stuff will be copiable and transferable... and so... if you are the kind who loves poking around in garage sales for a bargain, or cant resist the dumpsters in SL, or are just curious to see what quad has stashed in her inventory get on down to the ground at Quadrapop Tree Ilse and touch a few plants... eventually you will find something that will give you something other than a notecard. No guarantees and buyer beware, but there will aslo be original artworks tucked in amongst the trash.

Happy hunting!