Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quad has been busy....

OK I know I haven't updated this blog in ages... but I do have good excuses.

In May I was asked by Ember Farina(shown above)to help out as creator liaison for the Relay For Life team Friends Fighting Cancer's Fantasy Faire (June 15-23)... little did I know just how much work that would be... several weeks of IMs and notecards and answering queries and follow up with creators (thanks mostly to SL having a habit of not actually delivering things you send when someone is off line). Then a week of Estate Management and running around helping folks during the actual Faire.... (you can still see some of the amazing stuff put in RFL vendors and the style of builds at: Boaz's Market, Faire's End fete where you will see the style of builds that covered the Fantasy Faire sims, and Star Journey the FFC home)

All while I was trying to build a piece for SecondLife 6th Birthday. The theme this year being the "Future of VR Worlds"

I was excited to be involved as I believe that VR is going to be an integral part of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. My build used all the SL only building techniques I could think of (apart from a stack of scripted stuff that I'm just not up to putting together myself as yet). If you the prims they will give you links or information on apsects of the VR worlds and what they can and are replacing or enhancing. The SL6B builds will be up till 6th July.

At the same time I was building a space for my partnering with Corto - a beautiful ceremony come from a team effort.

SL family is a strange and wonderful thing and I never thought I would end up with one. However, dont expect to see gushing and glowing reports of my family in my picks... I'm just not that sort of avatar;-) Thanks to Corto (my new partner and Liege), Talon, Ember, Rajn, Ari, Cap, Denz, De, DJ Falen and last but not least Nyx, who gave me away but still got to keep me... love you all! You helped make a stressy day go smoothly.

After a day or two to catch my breath (during which I managed to actually get into the Hair Fair!).... I started in on my build for the Caerleon "The Future in Erato" project...

this opens on Erato of Caerleon sim at 1pm SLT (while I am fast asleep unfortunately) on July 12... building finishes on 5th July - my 2nd birthday in SL! I cant believe I've been involved with this VR for so long.

Hopefully my SL will calm down a bit from now on... but what with a redesign of Dragonfly Dreams for Talon, exhibition invites from Star Journey and elsewhere I can see me being busy for some time to come.