Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the month of May

The Phlox Script Engine comes to Inworldz May 24th! This will mean smoother sim performance in general and many of the functions and aspects that did not work with the old Opensim scipt engine will now work!!

Several parties have been held on IDI and the other sims trialling Phlox with many 10s of avatars present and all able to move without experiencing the usual treacle like lag. Truly you can now say to folks who are lagging that it is client side or their own network connection at fault. The sims themselves dont even blip down in Time Dilation with 50 avatars all wearing a normal script load! Truly amazing to those of us used to the lag induced even with 20 avatars present on a SL sim.

Elenia called a party on IDI this last Friday Night IW time, which fortuitously fell on my RL birthday. I was able to open birthday presents and drink my morning cuppa while celebrating with a group of old and new friends - all without lag (I did appear to suffer a bit of textures not fully loading but I'm sure if I had asked the av's who were not fully loaded to rebake all would have become clear:) I'm very much looking forward to the full rollout of Phlox.

This last month I have worked more on the labyrinth garden (it will also house a decal and poster shop;). I'm working on a series of floating islands (but dont hold your breathit may take a while to get them to a fit state for public consumption) and also a remodel of teh gallery to go on the ground and house the info hub and other artist's displays.

A new prefab store appeared on the prefab level. This one is inspired by my old alma mater as well as some builds I saw while doing various hunts on the SL grid. This 20x30m 2 level store comes with several versions of the roof line and frontage - minimum prims 75, maximum 107 (as seen in the photo below). Sold mod, copy, no trans for Iz200

The DreamPlants landed in the sea near the Dolphin Bay landing point this is a teaser for the Floating Islands project:

On the weekend I was interviewed by Scarlett Qi from InWorldz News Network after posting a notice about the QT gallery on "WHERE can I find it" inworld group. Look for an article soon on IWNN's art pages.

Quadrapop Tree Gallery info is now available in the following places:
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That's it for this month... more when the muse inspires and creative juices flow....