Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Basic building Class - How to make a vendor board

7pm SLT Wednesday 17 December
(yes this is during Beta Bate's set - so the class will be conducted in a group IM & we can listen to Beta's inspired musical choices during the class)
Rooftop Club Gallery rooftop

quadrapop Lane will be conducting a class in the basics of how to put an item for sale in SL either the item itself or the contents. No previous building experience required!
things that will be covered include:
- what is a prim?
- what can be put in a prim?
- setting permissions
- textures - how to make and apply them
- setting float text and giver scripts

Rooftop Club Gallery has a new manager

Thank you to Ennui Clip for being our founding Club manager and helping make the club the success it has been so far. Due to RL Commitments Ennui has downgraded his involvement in the club to that of DJ and talent developer (he's helped train a number of our new DJs in the use of Winamp).

The venue is now being managed over-all by Solange Simondsen, along with an expanded management team. Solange will be maintaining the DJ schedules and weekly promotions as well as acting as the main contact point for the venue. Ennui and Katherine Ivory are remaining as talent scouts and developers. Ember Farina and quadrapop Lane are assisting with artistic and special events promotions. Mysti Lemon is heading up the new security & greeters team (if you would like to join this team please contact Mysti inworld). Any suggestions or feedback about the Rooftop Club Gallery should be directed to Solange Simondsen.

Quadrapop Tree Isle now has a subscribe-o-matic group for regular notices and group gifts, so no more need for the QT announce group. Regular Rooftop DJ Schedules will be updated weekly via this announcement group. Art exhibition openings, Building Classes and other events will be announced via this group. Gifts of art or other goodies will also be a semi regular occurance. To join simply touch the panels conveniently located on the sim's landing point and just inside the door of the Rooftop Club Gallery. To access the group history - touch the panel again and choose the history option.

Please take the time to explore the sim - pick up your list of sim LMs from the landing point. We have many beautiful works by some of SLs leading artists spread around the sim - both on the ground and up on the Rooftop platform. There are several snuggle spots to share with that special someone and our very own emPod. If you are interested in renting a parcel please read the covenant to be found in About Land anywhere on QTI.