Friday, April 27, 2012

Thanks Google Plus

As of today I will not be able to post to this blog thanks to the fact my gmail address, associated with both this account and other google websites, is linked to a suspended G+ account - suspended mind you due to Google's crap attitude to pseudonyms... almost none of you whom are reading this would ever know me by the name on my drivers licence (which is the one Google wants me to use to unlock the account) and so would not know who the hell that person was if you met them online, unlike this name (quadrapop) which has been in use by me, quite legally, for 30 + years!

I have no idea if this will post - if it does at least you know why there are no more postings by me on any Blogger blog.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quadrapop Tree Gallery Official Opening Party

As quad bought Dolphin Bay on 25 October 2010 we thought it was about time we had an official opening... so we are having a sleep over on Saturday 22 October from 5pm till 5am!...

Guided tours of sim 6pm, 10pm, 2am, music, friendly people, and random gifties in between.

Quadrapop Tree Galleries:





& more

Also on the sim a Halloween Treasure Hunt chest!

Event listing on IW website on October 22
Forum posting on event in IW Forums

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

New QT Light Gallery on Dolphin Bay

The original QT Gallery on the ground at Dolphin Bay has been revamped and is now made of light, metal, stone and painted brick.

Teal Freenote is the first of the QT Gallery artists to return with 4 new works.

Sculpture 25: "The Raveling of Fate":

Sculpture 30: "InsideOutsideIn Infinite":

Sculpture 31A: "InsideOutsideIn" 3D & Sculpture 31B: "OutsideInsideOut" 3D:

The brick walls of the new gallery are crying out for paintings, prints or NPIRL relief works to decorate them. On each level circular display areas await sculptural pieces and raised surfaces suitable for displaying small sculptures or design pieces, even jewellery.

There are at least 6 free artist places of 200 prims each maximum still available. Original 2D works and sculptural pieces suitable for domestic or commercial display will be especially welcome. Please submit photos of works or LM to a current exhibition for consideration to quadrapop Tree in InWorldz. This is your chance to display your works for free alongside some of the well known artistic names in IW. Come take a look then contact quadrapop Tree in InWorldz.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quadrapop is IWNN Artist of the Month this June


I am very honoured that Childs Writer and Scarlett Qi have asked me to be their June "Artist of the Month" for InWorldz News Network.

Scarlett Qi's interview with me will shortly be up on their website here .

Over 30 works are scattered throughout the IWNN grounds and in the sky maze above - all for sale (including 2 freebies)

In the centre of the IWNN sky maze you will find this exclusive colour dream plant. The Sky maze TP is in the blue ball near the small gallery on the ground.

So please come and see this display during June - and pick up a copy of the latest issue of IWNN from the dispensers.

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InWorldz group: via the joiners at any of the main galleries on Dolphin Bay.

InWorldz Forums: QT gallery thread on the IW forums.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the month of May

The Phlox Script Engine comes to Inworldz May 24th! This will mean smoother sim performance in general and many of the functions and aspects that did not work with the old Opensim scipt engine will now work!!

Several parties have been held on IDI and the other sims trialling Phlox with many 10s of avatars present and all able to move without experiencing the usual treacle like lag. Truly you can now say to folks who are lagging that it is client side or their own network connection at fault. The sims themselves dont even blip down in Time Dilation with 50 avatars all wearing a normal script load! Truly amazing to those of us used to the lag induced even with 20 avatars present on a SL sim.

Elenia called a party on IDI this last Friday Night IW time, which fortuitously fell on my RL birthday. I was able to open birthday presents and drink my morning cuppa while celebrating with a group of old and new friends - all without lag (I did appear to suffer a bit of textures not fully loading but I'm sure if I had asked the av's who were not fully loaded to rebake all would have become clear:) I'm very much looking forward to the full rollout of Phlox.

This last month I have worked more on the labyrinth garden (it will also house a decal and poster shop;). I'm working on a series of floating islands (but dont hold your breathit may take a while to get them to a fit state for public consumption) and also a remodel of teh gallery to go on the ground and house the info hub and other artist's displays.

A new prefab store appeared on the prefab level. This one is inspired by my old alma mater as well as some builds I saw while doing various hunts on the SL grid. This 20x30m 2 level store comes with several versions of the roof line and frontage - minimum prims 75, maximum 107 (as seen in the photo below). Sold mod, copy, no trans for Iz200

The DreamPlants landed in the sea near the Dolphin Bay landing point this is a teaser for the Floating Islands project:

On the weekend I was interviewed by Scarlett Qi from InWorldz News Network after posting a notice about the QT gallery on "WHERE can I find it" inworld group. Look for an article soon on IWNN's art pages.

Quadrapop Tree Gallery info is now available in the following places:
Inworldz Wiki (will be updated as I have time)
Blogspot Blog - where you are now
Inworldz Forums:
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That's it for this month... more when the muse inspires and creative juices flow....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

UWA Open Art Challenge placing

At the beginning of this year Jayjay hassled me to enter the UWA Open Art Challenge so I pieced together 6 items and sent him them in 3 folders to cover the next 3 months of the competition.

I hardly visit SL much anymore, other than for social events with close friends who are yet to make the move away. I have no gallery there and do no promotion of my art within SL. I dropped in each month to see how my pieces had been set up and occasionally added some info and took a quick look around whatever was up on the UWA art platform... my pieces missed that certain something that the best works on display show. Consequently I never expected to place in any of the rounds.

So I was genuinely surprised on Sunday May 1 (in the early SLT morning) when Jayjay had announced all the prizes but the UWA judge's and my name had still to come up even though he had told me I had to be there for this month's announcements (a sure sign of having won _something_)... I was starting to think he had something else in store for me, what, I had no idea.... and then he announced the 2nd place winners:

Now for the top 3 Prizes. All of these works will go straight to the Grand Finale round. Honestly, for the judges it was extremely hard, and emotions flew high, with almost blood being splilt on the judging floor. Never were there more diverse opinions. It was wafer thin among the panel among the 10 pieces everyone liked best, and somehow those margins allowed for a single 1st Prize winner. And so....
3rd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for APRIL goes to: NOBODY
I know there have been numerous ties in the past. I need to explain this a bit. The RL panel meets twice for an hour each and in that time have to come to agreement. So in the end when there is heated argument, we compromise by putting up joint winners. The important thing is that all of these go to the Grand Finale, where there is a larger panel of people across the grid, and about one month to decide instead of a few days.
and so...
Joint 2nd Prize (L$5,000) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for APRIL goes to: ULTRA VIOLET by quadrapop Lane, a long time supporter of the challenge, quadrapop breaks through for the first time :)
Joint 2nd Prize (L$5,000) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for APRIL, ALSO goes to: THEATRE OF WAR by Miso Susanowa

Thank you to Jayjay, Freewee, the UWA partners and the UWA judges, and to all the artists who have ever entered the UWA art challenges... this project is one of the most useful in SL to promote the possibility of this medium as an art form.

I wont be entering any more rounds @ UWA as I am not creating any new works in SL (you have to go to Inworldz to see my current works) and have exhausted the best of my archive of SL works.

But you can still see some of my work on display in SL till the end of July as part of Relay For Life as I have 10 works available (including some of the ones I entered in UWA's Challenge) in RFL vendors. Works are displayed here, my RFL Vendor is here and here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

QT Wearables: Nazar Bangles & Pendants

New series of jewellry in the form of Nazar or evil eye amulets is now available at the QT Wearables Gallery in the Cloud Gallery on Dolphin Bay sim in Inworldz.

The series at this time includes, for both male and female: bangles, pendant necklaces and a single amulet for use in a home or shop. These amulets will ward off all the negative in your virtual world as well as be funky jewellery.

The Nazar collection on display at the QT Wearables Gallery, Dolphin Bay. There is a Group gift from the Nazar series in the box nearby (wear your QT Gallery Group tag and touch box). Group joiner board next to the QT Wearables display. Right click and copy link location here for a link to paste into your chat window in Inworldz to join the QT Gallery Group and receive notification of events and give aways.

The Nazar pendants come in female and male size. The Nazar can be either blue or yellow irised. No trans or no copy versions available.

Bangles come in female and male size for both left and right forearms. The Nazar can be either blue or yellow irised. No trans or no copy versions available.

Each set is priced at just 100Is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More April goodness @ QT Gallery, Inworldz

The muse has been working over time...

The Mining the Archive exhibition draws from over 5 years of RL photographs posted to Flickr. It comprises of a selection of those images from quad's Flickr stream deemed most "interesting" or most commented/favourited.

All 14 images are sold for 100Iz each: framed (3 prims total), mod, no copy , transfer. Modification of framing is available for free - simply IM quadrapop Tree with your requirements.

Mining The Archive, Cloud Gallery, Quadrapop Tree Gallery, Dolphin Bay, Inworldz.

Another piece in the ongoing exploration of the possibilities of combining Corto's sculpties with quadrapop's textures, the QT Blackboy Spikes light boxes are mesmerising light shows on the surface of a cube. Examples are on display both on the ground on Dolphin Bay and up in the Cloud Gallery.

quadrapop is working on uploading images of all the works made in the last 9 months in Inworldz to Koinup. At writing example images of about 1/2 all the works have been uploaded.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

QT Gallery April News


After working with the wonderful Friends Fighting Cancer team at the 2011 Fantasy Faire during April: in the form of 10 works placed in Vendors at two places (these will be available till the end of the Relay in July), as well as estate management and trouble shooting during the Faire, I've settled back into Inworldz creation.

All the works made at the Quadrapop Tree Gallery in Inworldz have now been photographed individually and will be posted shortly to quadrapop's Koinup pages.

The creative juices have flowed over March and April. During March Dolphin Bay sim saw the introduction of the Q3 (or Q cubed) Gallery. This new space houses some distinctly modernist and minimalist pieces as homage to the influences of 20th Century Art in the creation of Quadrapop Tree Gallery items.

March also saw additions to the QT Particle Gallery - this is an ongoing work in progress and will morph over time into who knows what? As with all the items on the Dolphin Bay sim it depends on the whims of the gods of creation and inspiration...

The Quadrapop Tree has a plot on the IW Birthday sims and this will be up till end of April Tranq & Elena have told us so do go visit:) The Birthday sims are running the new Phlox script engine so worth a visit to see how well things run :)

After the break from IW creation necessitated by volunteering at Fantasy Faire the QT Gallery has added to the growing display on the Dolphin Bay sim the first in an occasional series of prefab builds. The Blue Wooden Store is available on the ground to buy from the box on the boardwalk outside the shop. (Store: 48 prims, Boardwalk: 6 prims, Mod, Copy, No trans for Iz's200) The textures used are largely sourced from the CGTextures website.

Follow quadrapop on Twitter to hear about new items at QT gallery or join the inworld group via the joiners at any of the main galleries on Dolphin Bay. Information about all new additions and events are also listed in the QT gallery thread on the IW forums.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February @ QT Gallery, Inworldz

February has been a slow month for QT Gallery in IW - distracted by RL and social activities.

Even so some new items have been added to the Cloud Gallery this month,

noteably some trippy colour changing dance floors

and all new 2d images for your lounge room wall.

The Group Gift of male and female glass pendants still available in the Wearables Corner of the Cloud Gallery:

Female Gift

Male Gift

Buy yours from the gift box - make sure you wear your QT gallery group tag.

New Gift for everyone available next to the newsletter dispenser on Floor 1 of the gallery on the ground:

Hope to see you all at the gallery again soon,


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quadrapop Tree Group Gift January 2011

Quadrapop Tree Gallery is developing nicely on the Inworldz grid.

The Ground Gallery has quadrapop, Miso Susanowa, Qiana Tuqiri, and Teal Freenote inside, with quadrapop and Scottius Polke's works on display outside.

Up at 150m accessible via either the sky stairway (starting near Scottius' build) or the TP network - use Q's Gallery destination) the new Cloud Gallery is showing quadrapop's own works including some wearable art in the form of the first jewelry line.

This is the new platform looking south.

This is the Cloud Gallery looking north.

To celebrate there is an exclusive Group Gift available in the Wearables corner (NW corner of the Cloud Gallery).

Wear your Quadrapop Tree Group tag to receive the gift from the gift box - female and male versions of the glass pendant necklace in Jade - mod/no copy/transfer.

Female version - Jade Glass Pendant - Group Gift

Male version - Jade Glass Pendant - Group Gift

NOTE*** URL links in this post should be copied and pasted in chat within Inworldz then used to open the map to TP to the venue.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quadrapop Tree Gallery moves grids

Last posting here was a preview of some new things that were out at QT Gallery in SL. Since then the Gallery displayed a 1/8 sim sized final build called the Black Build. Opened on 2 October it closed on 2oth October and so did the SL Gallery.


Basically a lack of continued faith in Linden Labs (who have done some exceedingly odd things in the last 6 months) and the ending of income from curating UWA Art Challenge which was financing the gallery (I have no idea how people make money from selling art ;).

For the same amount of money it was costing us for a 1/4 sim in SL we purchased and can manitain a whole sim in Inworldz. Full sims in Inworldz allow for 45000 prims, prim sizes range from 0.001m to 256m, scripting works, though physics scripting is currently not turned on (it will be with the introduction of Nvidia Physics engine slated for 1st quarter 2011) and sims seem to manage up to 20 avs without crashing. Which considering the whole thing is running on Opensim tech (all be it tweaked by the IW coders) is pretty good. At the moment some of the expected promotional avenues are not working - but there are work arounds - and this will not always be so. Inworldz is still in open Beta so some things not working quite right are to be expected.


Quadrapop Tree Gallery is now residing on Dolphin Bay sim on Inworldz grid.

Arists interested in exhibiting: there are ten 100 prim low script displays available on a sales commission basis. If more prims are needed these will be negotiated on a per prim price.
Contact quadrapop tree inworld via IM and join the Quadrapop Tree Group.

The official opening of the sim will be in a few weeks once the gallery is completed and the artists are all settled.

Currently quadrapop tree, Scottius Polke, Teal Freenote, and Dusty Canning have works up, these will shortly be joined by a few more interested and interesting people.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New @ Quadrapop Tree Gallery

Three new RL images and a glowing alpha texture.

Win 3 quadrapop original textures...
come vote for one of the textures on the board in the ISM Shop.
Next Monday night SLT the 3 most popular will be given to the voters.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quad's Rezday and Gallery Reopening Party


You are invited to the re-opening of the Quadrapop Tree Gallery
(totally revamped and now displaying quadrapop's own works,
as well as collaborative works with Corto Vieria and CaptainCrunch Hax.)


quadrapop turns 3 on 5th July

Come celebrate both events at
Quadrapop Tree Gallery, 6pm SLT, 5th July

Music, dancing, egg hunt (full of fish and art),
Lucky Chairs (filled with small collectable sculptures)
and of course the artworks of quadrapop Lane
displayed in a distinctly quadish environment.