Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Quadrapop Tree Gallery is taking a break...

...quadrapop is just too busy co-hosting the UWA Art & Design Challenges to keep up the Gallery in the forseeable future. Never fear quadrapop will still promote and support the arts in sl and will advertise and ramble on here as well.

In the new year the current exhibition of Corto & quad's sculptures at Poorlatrice will come down and up will go a sculpture garden with examples from quad's own collection... feel free to drop in any time and take in the peaceful surroundings.

Thanks to all those who have supported the gallery over the last 2 years - the Gallery will continue to exist - just go quiet for a bit.

quadrapop's works are available for viewing and purchase at Chaos & Beauty and on the UWA sim: at Quad's haunted house and in quad's basement gallery.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Collaboration makes art @ Quadrapop Tree Gallery

Glowing, flowing, swirling, crystaline shapes meet rainbow, abstract alpha textures, the result is an exhibition of over 20 pieces at the Quadrapop Tree Gallery. This is the result of a collaboration between quadrapop lane and Corto Vieria. Corto makes sculpty shapes using Sculpt Studio inworld, and quadrapop makes textures and prim sculptures. Combining these skills and sharing files these two have come up with a series of works celebrating colour and movement only possible within SL.

One of Corto's piece's responds to avatar proximity changing size and shape as you walk through the work.

All quadrapop's pieces large enough to walk inside are phantom so it is possible to immerse yourself within the work. Suggested lighting is sunrise or sunset.

NOTE: one of the texture movement scripts used in these pieces requires activation via the viewer editing the work (right click the piece and choose edit from the pie menu), to see the effect please try this technique on the fence around the landing area - the picket's texture will go from static to moving rainbows of colour.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Australian Nartional Portrait gallery in SL!!!

I'll add more after I go there... about to rush out into the sunshine to run errands but had to share this one;-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uni of Western Australian in SL

What do you do when the University you spent some of your most formative years at gets a sim in SL? Not just one sim but 2! And to top that off is offering a huge Linden Cash prize for an Art and design Competition?

Why, you go check it out of course.

That is what i did when one of the arts groups I am in sent out a notice about the competition.

I landed in a sand box... good start... I looked around and recognised some of the half built buildings... there was the Physics Dept and there was the clock tower from one of the iconic buildings on campus... uh oh are these guys falling into the trap most institutions in SL fall into and think that rebuilding the RL campus in SL is the way to give functionality to their SL campus?

I spoke to the owner, JayJay Zifanwe, and over the next few days was drawn ever deeper into being involved in the project, he realised already that building RL buildings in SL was not the best way to utilise SL for a University where they aim to hold inworld classes for their students and take advantage of the other networking opportunities of this VR platform. I was drawn into this thanks, partly, to my Mentor habit of answering questions the newby wasn't aware they needed answering (and some of these people were pretty freshly minted in SL, less than 3 months old and building their Campus buildings in SL), questions of script loads, prim counts, land parceling... all the thousand and one details that make Estate Management such a complex job and not an easy job for a new resident.

JayJay had got some SL builders to help out with the non-RL stuff and the Art & Design Challenge had already attracted a few interesting names. I thought about entering one of my works, but then JayJay asked me to build a landing platform for the main sim, and shortly after that (after finding out what I had been doing in SL for the last 2 years) he asked me to co-host the Art & Design Competition... I said yes, and any chance at that 50,000L prize went out the window... but... I now had the opportunity to work alongside a team which was doing some extraordinary things and were attracting the attention of some highly skilled, intelligent and experienced SL residents.

The UWA builders had one RL advantage - they had built the campus already (at least in part) for a Google maps Competition, and it turns out one of them had written the package they were using to make the prims out of world. I watched as they completed a selection of the buildings for the Official opening on October 2. By this time I had met them in RL at the University.

On 2 October I was sitting in an office in the Physic Dept using a specky high end Mac to be inworld as SL hostess for the sim opening. Down the corridor in a lecture theatre JayJay and his Uni team were giving speeches that were being streamed into SL. Unfortunately there were the usual SL issues of lag - and most of the SL audience could not see the video or hear the speeches but, to their credit, all the SL audience stuck it out. I hadn't been able to see the video at home during the testing we did, so i wasn't too surprised it didn't work for a proportion of the audience - and we never did manage to find out what the issue was (and i have a in-home networking guru who tried his best to figure it out, making sure all the right ports were open and other arcane things that most of my SL audience on the day would not have the computing skills to fiddle with). But the usual SL interactivity worked well - one of the lecturers was in Sweden and has been holding his classes inworld while he is away. His powerpoint slides in SL and voice from SL to RL worked fine... so the tools that most of the teaching staff might use were proven to work to a lecture theatre full of the heads of Departments and Schools from around the Campus. Including the Vice Chancellor of the University - who was most pleased with the avatar which had been made up for him.

We had quite a few curious Uni people come into sl over the next few days - my mentoring skills came in handy.

The Art & Design Challenge has kept me and JayJay busy since the opening - getting ready for the judging and then last night we had the first of the Winner Announcement parties - which seemed to go very well indeed... the increased prize money and extras Jayjay has managed to secure for the Challenge winners drew gasps of awe and surprise from the audience - and not a few cries of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Now to get UWA in SL a website, blog, twitter account, flickr, koinup etc to advertise the events we have planned and to increase their social networking....

So now you know why I've been a bit quiet here for a bit :-) - Photos and links will be added shortly

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interesting Stuff on the web...

...about SL related topics. Stuff I have found recently I found interesting and wanted to share/record/keep the links.

RezEd: as their home page says is "an online hub providing practitioners using virtual worlds with access to the highest quality resources and research in the field to establish a strong network of those using virtual worlds for learning." This organisation covers all forms of VR worlds from kids stuff to SL and beyond. There is a strong SL presense so if you want to network with others in the education (in both SL and out of it) field this could be a good out of world place to do it.

An SL build (apparently first seen at SL6B but now hosted here) on Maslow's Hierarchy of needs... I like the way they have used the avatar's experience of SL as the starting point. But as with many of these builds - how exactly do you represent this stuff? How do you make the space and avatar's experience be something more interesting than a Powerpoint presentation? (And we all know how un-engaging those can be, even when the actual factual content might be fascinating)

This latter problem faces all displays of information and learning in SL and looking for ways to approach this underpins my own practice in SL.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Home for the Gallery...

Yes... I know we have moved a lot this last few months - hopefully this time it will be a permanent home. Mainland, mature and overlooking the most gorgeous sunrise and valley. The land itself inspired the new Gallery build. Come see and pick up your invite to Form's exhibition opening. Virtual Lens reception on 22nd August 4pm SLT.

Planned for this venue are more Exhibitions, a shop with a mix of gadgets, buildings and fun stuff and building tutorials... join the Quadrapop Tree Group Subcribo (no group slot required) at the gallery landing point to hear about upcoming events and blog updates.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prim Torture pallette....

Ever wondered how to get those cool shapes? Well wonder no more! Ayumi Cassini has come to your rescue:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Formatting Heliosense (aka Patrick Millard) @ Quadrapop Tree Gallery...

....once quad has finished rebuilding the Dragonfly Dreams sim ground, she will remodel the gallery and in August it will host a brand new exhibition by Formatting Heliosense (DJ and artist)... Formatting's own RL website and also this entry on the voicesoa website.

From the press room:
2009: August 14 - 31,
Patrick Millard Virtual Lens,
Quadrapop Tree Gallery,
Reception: Saturday, August 22, 4-6pm SLT

Quadrapop Tree Gallery will be exhibiting Patrick Millard’s [SL: Formatting Heliosense] new Second Life photographic series Virtual Lens from August 14 – August 31, 2009. This exhibition will be the premier showing in Second Life of this series since it has been shot. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, August 22, 4-6pm SLT.

In 2008, Patrick began to show his work inside the virtual simulation world Second Life; exhibitions that advance beyond two-dimension work and expand his ideas of simulation, virtual reality, and the synthetic future where the physical object gives way to its virtual counterpart and its presence is valued entirely for its idea rather than its place in space.

Patrick’s work continues to investigate transhuman and futuristic themes such as cyborg ontology, nanotechnology, robotics, virtual reality, the singularity of man and machine, cryonics and ending aging among other topics that are shaping the way we experience the world we live in.

Virtual Lens has been described by Patrick in his artist statement as follows:

Virtual Environments have become increasingly popular as we have moved forward into the 21st Century, and with this trend we are witnessing an expansion of our reality and the notion of objecthood. The developing world of virtuality has resulted in a market of goods that are bought and sold but no longer tangible to the buyer or seller. The outcome is a greater respect and enthusiasm for information as product itself. Goods are continually becoming cherished more for their ability to carry concept and idea rather than their physical place in space.

In Virtual Lens this world of virtuality [Second Life] is seen for its visual and informational offerings. The world possesses artistic, educational, social, retail, residential, commerce, etc. in a diverse number of configurations that are both recognizable from the world we have known in our ‘real life’ structure and as new developments that have been created by the users of the virtual environment.

Photographically these image captures represent a new development in the digital era. Much like viewing a web cam of a location from the world that extends well beyond our place in that world, the captures taken in Second Life are a collection of representations taken from a new and developing reality that some have predicted will be the mainstay of our time in the 21st Century.

It is without doubt that virtual environments will play a major role in our understanding of the world. They will both remind us of the memory from a time before such experiences and offer a reformation of the way we make sense of our surroundings and ourselves.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SL mentioned on PM - Radio National

Thomas Malby on SL and VR on PM Tuesday 21st July and further comment on Mark's Blog

Friday, July 17, 2009

RFL is upon us....

and my friend Rebelmum has made her own Cancer Survivor's Dream blog commemorate it.

More on RFL in SL at the ACS website

Let's Relay!

... and now the Relay is over for another year SL resuidents have helped raise a record amount to help American Cancer Society's fight. More than a 1/4 million USDollars was raised in world... making the SL fundraiser event one of the largest of 2009 in any world.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stuff about SL in the media...

From the Metaverse Journal: In late June, the UK’s Channel 4 ran a documentary called Another Perfect World.

Monday, July 13, 2009

quadrapop Lane in Future Project @ Erato of Cearleon

From the invitation Sabrinaa Nightfire sent out:

The Future Project opens Sunday, July 12 at 1PM SLT.
Come out to see the spectacular and innovative builds by:

Al Lurton
Blue Tuski
Cae Sands
Fran Benoir
MaryvaZhora4Project Melody
quadrapop Lane
Sabrinaa Nightfire
shellina Winkler
Solkide Auer

White Lebed

*Erato - one of the Greek muses - means desired or beautiful....

If you would like a souvenir of the build please visit the Quadrapop Tree Gallery and pick up your free 10m version;-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quad has been busy....

OK I know I haven't updated this blog in ages... but I do have good excuses.

In May I was asked by Ember Farina(shown above)to help out as creator liaison for the Relay For Life team Friends Fighting Cancer's Fantasy Faire (June 15-23)... little did I know just how much work that would be... several weeks of IMs and notecards and answering queries and follow up with creators (thanks mostly to SL having a habit of not actually delivering things you send when someone is off line). Then a week of Estate Management and running around helping folks during the actual Faire.... (you can still see some of the amazing stuff put in RFL vendors and the style of builds at: Boaz's Market, Faire's End fete where you will see the style of builds that covered the Fantasy Faire sims, and Star Journey the FFC home)

All while I was trying to build a piece for SecondLife 6th Birthday. The theme this year being the "Future of VR Worlds"

I was excited to be involved as I believe that VR is going to be an integral part of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. My build used all the SL only building techniques I could think of (apart from a stack of scripted stuff that I'm just not up to putting together myself as yet). If you the prims they will give you links or information on apsects of the VR worlds and what they can and are replacing or enhancing. The SL6B builds will be up till 6th July.

At the same time I was building a space for my partnering with Corto - a beautiful ceremony come from a team effort.

SL family is a strange and wonderful thing and I never thought I would end up with one. However, dont expect to see gushing and glowing reports of my family in my picks... I'm just not that sort of avatar;-) Thanks to Corto (my new partner and Liege), Talon, Ember, Rajn, Ari, Cap, Denz, De, DJ Falen and last but not least Nyx, who gave me away but still got to keep me... love you all! You helped make a stressy day go smoothly.

After a day or two to catch my breath (during which I managed to actually get into the Hair Fair!).... I started in on my build for the Caerleon "The Future in Erato" project...

this opens on Erato of Caerleon sim at 1pm SLT (while I am fast asleep unfortunately) on July 12... building finishes on 5th July - my 2nd birthday in SL! I cant believe I've been involved with this VR for so long.

Hopefully my SL will calm down a bit from now on... but what with a redesign of Dragonfly Dreams for Talon, exhibition invites from Star Journey and elsewhere I can see me being busy for some time to come.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

quadrapop Lane in Primavera Show

Angelgate have a new gallery and are opening it with a huge show with works by 38 SL artists - quadrapop being one of them!

I am so proud to be shown next to the likes of Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Strawberry Holiday and many, many more well known artists.

AngelGate is a non-profit community promoting creative exploration and innovative arts.

The opening is on 11th April noon, so is timed to coincide with quad's sleep time but don't let that stop you from going and being amazed, immersed and blown away by the works of these artists.

LMs to come after I go inworld ;-)

Why no posts?

Long time no post here - and the reason is so much has happened in the last month.... has it really been that long!

It has been a month of change on QTI with many things happening unexpectedly or in a messy fashion - not all of which were under my control. The long story short is that QTI is effectively no more.

The Quadrapop Tree Gallery continues to exist - it has moved to a new sim and will reopen in a few weeks (once I've bullied our artists into exhibiting their latest pieces as well as an early work in a kind of group retrospective - "Looking back, Looking forward")

If you are in the Subscribo for the Quadrapop Tree you will know some of this already and will be informed of more information as it become available. If you are not - hit the subscribo panel at the landing point on QTI - available there only till 11 April.

Thank you to all the people who have supported QTI over the last 9 months and who have enjoyed the builds there - but never fear there will be builds with that special 'qaud touch' available for your enjoyment somewhere on the grid.

Look forward to seeing you at the new venue soon :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What is your idea of Paradise? In SL? In RL?
If you make stuff, script stuff or play/stream stuff we have a challenge for you... 15-30 mins of songs, or 30 prims of build on the theme of Paradise - your paradise, someone else's, in sl or out... visit the Quadrapop Tree Isle Landing Point and click the rainbow ball for infocard.
First Themed Challenge display and streaming will be on 18th February 2009 @ Rooftop Club Gallery on Quadrapop Tree Isle.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Rooftop DJ Schedule

Here is the DJ schedule for February at The Rooftop Club Gallery, Quadrapop Tree Isle, Secondlife.
All times are in SLT

5pm - 7pm Savascha Navarita
7pm - 9pm Ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11pm Kathrine Ivory
11pm - 1pm Warrick Renfold

7pm - 9pm Savascha Navarita
9pm - 11pm Red Verwood

1am - 3am Wildsilk Capalini
5pm - 7pm Foxie Yoshikawa (every other Weds)

6pm - 8pm Andros Sciarri
8pm - 10pm Windsor Lorefield
10pm - 12pm Solange Simondsen

6pm - 8pm Ices Zapatero
8pm - 10pm Guinevere Kirshner
10pm - 12am Savascha Navarita

7am - 9am 8wall Wigglesworth
3pm - 5pm Madison Oller/TBD
5pm - 7pm HotJack Canning
7pm - 9pm Colleen Lilliehook
9pm - 12am PirateDucky Constantine

5pm - 8pm Quirky Questi
8pm - 10pm Xi Ballyhoo
10pm - 12 Solange Simondsen

Check the board in the club for changes and keep an eye on the The Rooftop Club or Quadrapop Tree Isle groups for unscheduled sets.

The following DJs may also be found spinning sets at teh rooftop from time to time:
Milo Dyden
LeeLee Frangilli
Ennui Clip
Campbell Emmons
Penelope Sideshow
Infinite Graves

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Event! - QTI Themed Challenge!

The QTI Themed Challenge is here.
Starting now!
The inaugeral QTI Stream & Builder's Theme Competition judging will take place
on February 18 2009 from 5pm SLT.
Venue TBA (as will depend on the entries)
  • Details and rules for the competition are available on Quadrapop Tree Isle at any of the Teleport hubs.
  • All content creators are invited to take part.
  • Fortnightly themes will be posted here and in-world via the Quadrapop Tree Subscribe-o-matic group. Join the group by clicking on one of the subscriber panels on QTI (Landing Point & Rooftop).
  • Contestants will be given 2 weeks notice of the next theme.
  • All are welcome to enter one or more of the Challenges.
  • Competition judged by audience vote.
  • Free to enter.
  • Prizes may vary. Sometimes it will be for the kudos alone ;-) Sectional prizes if enough entries.
  • Suitable for DJs, poets, comics, musicians, artists, designers, architects, landscape artists.... any and all content creators may take part.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quad's garden open

Take the TP to the emPod level and you will find the TP ball to a new and highly romantic garden. Dance to flamenco guitar, snuggle, relax and read a book, listen to the birds, dangle your feet in the waterfall's plunge pool... best seen at sunrise or sunset.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rooftop Club Gallery DJ Schedule January 09

The Rooftop Club Gallery is open 24/7 with DJ's spinning at the following times
during January 2009:

5pm - 7pm Savascha Navarita
7pm - 9pm Ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11pm Kathrine Ivory
11pm - 1pm Warrick Renfold

7pm - 9pm Savascha Navarita
9pm - 11pm Red Verwood

1am - 3am Wildsilk Capalini
5pm - 7pm Foxie Yoshikawa

8pm - 10pm Windsor Lorefield
10pm - 12pm Solange Simondsen

11am - 1pm Frederick Graves (?)
6pm - 8pm CheckersSpeech Low
8pm - 10pm Guinevere Kirshner
10pm - 12am Electric Emmons

7am - 9am 8wall Wigglesworth
3pm - 5pm Madison Oller/TBD
5pm - 7pm CheckersSpeech Low
7pm - 9pm Colleen Lilliehook
9pm - 12am PirateDucky Constantine

3pm - 5pm Ices Zapatero
5pm - 8pm Quirky Questi
8pm - 10pm Xi Ballyhoo
10pm - 12 Solange Simondsen

The following DJs do not have scheduled times but whom may play sets as they are available. Keep an eye on the QTI and Rooftop Club IM's and notices:
HotJack Canning
Milo Dyden
LeeLee Frangilli
Ennui Clip
Campbell Emmons
Penelope Sideshow
Infinite Graves

Dj's yet to be scheduled:
Gummo Guisse
Falen Baar

NOTE: if you arrive at the Rooftop at any of the above scheduled times and there is no one there please IM Rooftop Club group or the Rooftop Venue Manager Solange Simondsen to find out if there has been a cancelation. There is a notice board in the Club with the next 24 hour's worth of sets displayed.

Quadrapop Tree Subscribe-o-matic group
Please join the subscribo at the Rooftop to receive these weekly schedule updates and monthly group gifts. Subscribo groups do not take a group slot. To unsub from the subscribo come to the rooftop and touch the Subscribo sign for a menu - this is also how to access the group message history. Rooftop Dance floor SURL

All the QTI sim is open for exploration - but please be respectful of the privacy of our residents... all public areas are available from the central TP Hub rings - Rooftop TP Hub or Main Landing Point TP Hub