Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of the Prim Know Your Menus class time changes

Due to daylight savings starting and finishing and quadrapop actually wanting to sleep on Monday nights the times for the repeats of the Out of the Prim - Know Your Menus building classes has moved to 3am SLT on Mondays.

The first run-through of each class will still be held at 7pm SLT on Sundays..

The venue continues to be the Out of the Prim hangout on Quadrapop Tree Isle.

Upcoming Out of the Prim building classes include:

7pm Sunday 2nd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 3rd Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 1 - Mouse Look to Mini Map

7pm Sunday 9th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 10th Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 2 - FPS to Beacons

7pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

7pm Sunday 23rd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 24th Nov)
Know your Menus - Tools Menu - quick intro - covered fully in the Basic Building classes

7pm Sunday 30th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 1st Dec)
Know your menus - Help and Advanced Part 1 - snapshots

7pm Sunday 7th Dec (Repeat 3am Monday 8th Dec)
Know your menu - Advanced Part 2

Basic Building - Part 1 - Tools menu and getting to know your edit window
Basic Building - Part 2 - prim manipulation
Basic Building - Part 3 - textures and texturing
Basic Building - Part 4 - prim contents - includes some very basic scripts handling

Landforming - basic landforming for owners of mainland and islands

Particles - basic introduction to what a particle is and what the parts of a particle script do...