Saturday, December 5, 2009

Collaboration makes art @ Quadrapop Tree Gallery

Glowing, flowing, swirling, crystaline shapes meet rainbow, abstract alpha textures, the result is an exhibition of over 20 pieces at the Quadrapop Tree Gallery. This is the result of a collaboration between quadrapop lane and Corto Vieria. Corto makes sculpty shapes using Sculpt Studio inworld, and quadrapop makes textures and prim sculptures. Combining these skills and sharing files these two have come up with a series of works celebrating colour and movement only possible within SL.

One of Corto's piece's responds to avatar proximity changing size and shape as you walk through the work.

All quadrapop's pieces large enough to walk inside are phantom so it is possible to immerse yourself within the work. Suggested lighting is sunrise or sunset.

NOTE: one of the texture movement scripts used in these pieces requires activation via the viewer editing the work (right click the piece and choose edit from the pie menu), to see the effect please try this technique on the fence around the landing area - the picket's texture will go from static to moving rainbows of colour.