Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Rooftop DJ Schedule

Here is the DJ schedule for February at The Rooftop Club Gallery, Quadrapop Tree Isle, Secondlife.
All times are in SLT

5pm - 7pm Savascha Navarita
7pm - 9pm Ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11pm Kathrine Ivory
11pm - 1pm Warrick Renfold

7pm - 9pm Savascha Navarita
9pm - 11pm Red Verwood

1am - 3am Wildsilk Capalini
5pm - 7pm Foxie Yoshikawa (every other Weds)

6pm - 8pm Andros Sciarri
8pm - 10pm Windsor Lorefield
10pm - 12pm Solange Simondsen

6pm - 8pm Ices Zapatero
8pm - 10pm Guinevere Kirshner
10pm - 12am Savascha Navarita

7am - 9am 8wall Wigglesworth
3pm - 5pm Madison Oller/TBD
5pm - 7pm HotJack Canning
7pm - 9pm Colleen Lilliehook
9pm - 12am PirateDucky Constantine

5pm - 8pm Quirky Questi
8pm - 10pm Xi Ballyhoo
10pm - 12 Solange Simondsen

Check the board in the club for changes and keep an eye on the The Rooftop Club or Quadrapop Tree Isle groups for unscheduled sets.

The following DJs may also be found spinning sets at teh rooftop from time to time:
Milo Dyden
LeeLee Frangilli
Ennui Clip
Campbell Emmons
Penelope Sideshow
Infinite Graves

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Event! - QTI Themed Challenge!

The QTI Themed Challenge is here.
Starting now!
The inaugeral QTI Stream & Builder's Theme Competition judging will take place
on February 18 2009 from 5pm SLT.
Venue TBA (as will depend on the entries)
  • Details and rules for the competition are available on Quadrapop Tree Isle at any of the Teleport hubs.
  • All content creators are invited to take part.
  • Fortnightly themes will be posted here and in-world via the Quadrapop Tree Subscribe-o-matic group. Join the group by clicking on one of the subscriber panels on QTI (Landing Point & Rooftop).
  • Contestants will be given 2 weeks notice of the next theme.
  • All are welcome to enter one or more of the Challenges.
  • Competition judged by audience vote.
  • Free to enter.
  • Prizes may vary. Sometimes it will be for the kudos alone ;-) Sectional prizes if enough entries.
  • Suitable for DJs, poets, comics, musicians, artists, designers, architects, landscape artists.... any and all content creators may take part.