Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quadrapop Tree Group Gift January 2011

Quadrapop Tree Gallery is developing nicely on the Inworldz grid.

The Ground Gallery has quadrapop, Miso Susanowa, Qiana Tuqiri, and Teal Freenote inside, with quadrapop and Scottius Polke's works on display outside.

Up at 150m accessible via either the sky stairway (starting near Scottius' build) or the TP network - use Q's Gallery destination) the new Cloud Gallery is showing quadrapop's own works including some wearable art in the form of the first jewelry line.

This is the new platform looking south.

This is the Cloud Gallery looking north.

To celebrate there is an exclusive Group Gift available in the Wearables corner (NW corner of the Cloud Gallery).

Wear your Quadrapop Tree Group tag to receive the gift from the gift box - female and male versions of the glass pendant necklace in Jade - mod/no copy/transfer.

Female version - Jade Glass Pendant - Group Gift

Male version - Jade Glass Pendant - Group Gift

NOTE*** URL links in this post should be copied and pasted in chat within Inworldz then used to open the map to TP to the venue.