Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nyx and quad got hitched

On December 9 Nyx asked quadrapop if she would do hir the honour of becoming partners. Quad said yes. Today they sealed that partnership with private vows said in front of a select group of friends and family in a beautiful space created by Denzo. More photos

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Basic building Class - How to make a vendor board

7pm SLT Wednesday 17 December
(yes this is during Beta Bate's set - so the class will be conducted in a group IM & we can listen to Beta's inspired musical choices during the class)
Rooftop Club Gallery rooftop

quadrapop Lane will be conducting a class in the basics of how to put an item for sale in SL either the item itself or the contents. No previous building experience required!
things that will be covered include:
- what is a prim?
- what can be put in a prim?
- setting permissions
- textures - how to make and apply them
- setting float text and giver scripts

Rooftop Club Gallery has a new manager

Thank you to Ennui Clip for being our founding Club manager and helping make the club the success it has been so far. Due to RL Commitments Ennui has downgraded his involvement in the club to that of DJ and talent developer (he's helped train a number of our new DJs in the use of Winamp).

The venue is now being managed over-all by Solange Simondsen, along with an expanded management team. Solange will be maintaining the DJ schedules and weekly promotions as well as acting as the main contact point for the venue. Ennui and Katherine Ivory are remaining as talent scouts and developers. Ember Farina and quadrapop Lane are assisting with artistic and special events promotions. Mysti Lemon is heading up the new security & greeters team (if you would like to join this team please contact Mysti inworld). Any suggestions or feedback about the Rooftop Club Gallery should be directed to Solange Simondsen.

Quadrapop Tree Isle now has a subscribe-o-matic group for regular notices and group gifts, so no more need for the QT announce group. Regular Rooftop DJ Schedules will be updated weekly via this announcement group. Art exhibition openings, Building Classes and other events will be announced via this group. Gifts of art or other goodies will also be a semi regular occurance. To join simply touch the panels conveniently located on the sim's landing point and just inside the door of the Rooftop Club Gallery. To access the group history - touch the panel again and choose the history option.

Please take the time to explore the sim - pick up your list of sim LMs from the landing point. We have many beautiful works by some of SLs leading artists spread around the sim - both on the ground and up on the Rooftop platform. There are several snuggle spots to share with that special someone and our very own emPod. If you are interested in renting a parcel please read the covenant to be found in About Land anywhere on QTI.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Links and more Links....

Rooftop DJ Foxy's own record label

QTI blogged by Victoire Catteneo with some stunning photos of recent displays on the sim.

Torley Linden took some lovely photos of the sim - quadrapop used some of Torley's textures for the landscape textures on QTI

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Stuff at QTI

On the ground and up at the Rooftop Club Gallery platform there are new immersive artworks by Kirky Kiergarten.

quadrapop Lane has new sculptures displayed down the rabbit hole outside the Rooftop Club front door. Swirls of colour responding to the wind.

Next weekend there will be a big party to celebrate the end of the Burning Life builds and the opening of Sysperia Poppy's SL photography exhibition at Rooftop. Large and lush, Sysperia's photos explore gender, identity and sexuality. Watch this space and inworld groups for further details.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Know Your Menus - File menu

As promised I am starting to put up the Know Your Menus Classes on this Blog - here is the first one "File Menu"... this is the last draft of the notecard given out at the class, and will be updated as new info arrives or as I decide to modify the text for whatever reason.

The File Menu
for a quick reference cheat sheet for all the shortcuts used in the SL browser and the official wiki page which may or may not be as up to date ;-)

Upload image
You can upload images in TARGA (.tga), PNG (.png), or JPEG formats (.jpg)
TGA - 24 bit for standard textures, 32 bit required for alpha textures (ie those TGA's that have an alpha channel to make areas transparent or partially so)
PNG - will be alpha if you have a transparent background and normal if you have a white background
Uploads cost L$10 each file - you can up load individually or in a batch - but each file will cost you L$10
on upload you can preview your file before you pays your hard earned Lindens as any of the following things ( a pull down menu below description field in the upload window):
Image - flat texture as ity might appear on a prim face
Hair - how it would appear as Linden default hair
Female/Male Head - how it would appear as applied to the default Female or Male head
Female/Male Upper body - how it would appear as applied to the default Female or Male upper body - useful for trialing upper body skins, undershirts, glove, shirts, upper jackets
Female/Male Lower Body - how it would appear as applied to the default Female or Male lower body - useful for trialing lower body skins, underpants, pants socks, shoes (only partially on the latter)
Skirt - full length skirt - if you have alpha in it to make it shorter or have a non straight bottom edge etc it will appear at the maximum length you have made
Sculpted - what the texture will create if applied to the Sculpted texture panel in the Object tab of the Edit window - as applied to a 1x1x1m sculpty

Upload Sound
how to do sounds for SL video from Torley:
Sound files are constrained to 10secs long and need to be saved in 16 bit, 44Khz mono or stereo and in .wav file format.
Each file will cost you L$10 to upload

Close windows
will close each of the floating windows on your screen either in reverse order of opening or all at once -depending on which shortcut you do Cntl-W or Cntl-Shift-W

Save texture as...
If you have a full perms texture open this option will be available... you can then save the image as TARGA (.tga) onto your hard-drive.

Take Snapshot (or SL photography ;-)
Opens the Snapshot window here you have a number of options:
Send a postcard
you can send the image as is in an attchment in an email to anyone whose email address you know including a message.... if that person then joinsd SL using that email addy as tehir email address you will get a bonus in Linden ;-)
Upload a snapshot
you can upload the image displayed for L$10
Save snapshot to hardrive
the image as displayed in the preview will be saved to the directory you specify as will any subsequent images saved to disk from SL
Preview panel
the black outlined area is the part of the screen that will be saved
File Size
the size of the file you will send, upload or save
Refresh Snapshot
will refesh the image to what is currently on the screen
Save/Cancel - self explanatory
will open more options
will close the options

Image size

pulldown menu with the following pixel size options (which will apply to all snapshots taken until this option is changed again):
current window (the size of this will depend on your own scren resolution/aspect ratio)
the other options in this pull down menu will depend on what you are doing ie postcard/uploading/saving the image shown
postcard: current/640x480/800x600/1024x768/custom (you set the area size)
Upload: current/small (128x128)/medium (256x256)/large (512x512)/custom (max will depend on your screen resolution and what you have set in screen resolution in your SL Preferences)
Save to harddrive: current/320x240/640x480/800x600/1024x768/1280/1024/1600x1200/custom all these may depend on the screen resolution of your machine
if inputting custom sizes and want to retain the proportions of your selection whilst making the pixel measurment larger or smaller check the constrain Proportions box - only avail when you have custom size selected)
image quality - this slider is only available when sending a postcard
Colours: will capture what you see normally (with or without the HUDS as specified in the check boxes beneath)
Depth will capture the atospheric fogging/depth indication
Object Matts - shows what is on top of what - map colouring style
Check boxes:
show interface in snapshot - have this selected if you want to see the effects of glow on your image (but make sure all your windows and huds are out of the area you want to capture)
show HUD objects in snapshot - shows your HUDs but not the windows you have open and does not show glow effects
Freeze frame - after selecting this click refresh... you can then use your mouse and the modifier keys to zoom around (alt rotates the camera view, ctrl tilts it, control shift pans) - great for getting the right shot when taking photos... and uncheck to return to normal viewing ;_) It's kind of like frozen SL
Auto refresh - will update the snapshot regularly

Snapshot to Disk
Any settings you last set in the Snapshot panel will be used if you use this option
Shortcut - Cntl-~ (tilde is on the top left key of a QWERTY keyboard)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Upcoming events on QTI

I'm going to attempt to update this blog at least every other day, hopefully daily with Events and info and general useful tips... we shall see;-) (As if I don't already have enough to do!)

At the Rooftop:
5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow
8pm - 10 : Windsor Lorefield
11am-1 : Frederic Graves
6pm - 8 : CheckersSpeech Low

At Out of The Prim:
5pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rooftop Tats are Here!

If you haven't already get on down to the Rooftop Club Gallery and grab yourself a Rooftop Club logo tat - suitable for boys, girls and inbetween, available on all upper body layers. Free from the box just inside the front door of the club.

Around the sim...

... we have new residents (Hi Cam and Nyx) and will shortly have some new works.

quad has collected so much free stuff recently (Halloween holidays are hell on bandwidth!) that as of this weekend she is going to start storing excess inventory in the plants already on the sim (her inventory is getting just a tad out of control)...

Now much of this stuff will be copiable and transferable... and so... if you are the kind who loves poking around in garage sales for a bargain, or cant resist the dumpsters in SL, or are just curious to see what quad has stashed in her inventory get on down to the ground at Quadrapop Tree Ilse and touch a few plants... eventually you will find something that will give you something other than a notecard. No guarantees and buyer beware, but there will aslo be original artworks tucked in amongst the trash.

Happy hunting!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of the Prim Know Your Menus class time changes

Due to daylight savings starting and finishing and quadrapop actually wanting to sleep on Monday nights the times for the repeats of the Out of the Prim - Know Your Menus building classes has moved to 3am SLT on Mondays.

The first run-through of each class will still be held at 7pm SLT on Sundays..

The venue continues to be the Out of the Prim hangout on Quadrapop Tree Isle.

Upcoming Out of the Prim building classes include:

7pm Sunday 2nd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 3rd Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 1 - Mouse Look to Mini Map

7pm Sunday 9th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 10th Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 2 - FPS to Beacons

7pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

7pm Sunday 23rd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 24th Nov)
Know your Menus - Tools Menu - quick intro - covered fully in the Basic Building classes

7pm Sunday 30th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 1st Dec)
Know your menus - Help and Advanced Part 1 - snapshots

7pm Sunday 7th Dec (Repeat 3am Monday 8th Dec)
Know your menu - Advanced Part 2

Basic Building - Part 1 - Tools menu and getting to know your edit window
Basic Building - Part 2 - prim manipulation
Basic Building - Part 3 - textures and texturing
Basic Building - Part 4 - prim contents - includes some very basic scripts handling

Landforming - basic landforming for owners of mainland and islands

Particles - basic introduction to what a particle is and what the parts of a particle script do...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

QTI Halloween '08

Quadrapop Tree Isle
cordially invites you
to come and be scared in the Media Sphere
we will be holding, not one, but three!!! video parties through the 24 hours of
October 31st SLT
Parties will be held at
3am SLT
11am SLT
7pm SLT
at the QTI Media Sphere
Please invite your friends to join you.

Participants will need to be able to stream media videos in SL
and be personally capable of dealing with flashing visual effects.

quadrapop Lane
Quadrapop Tree Isle

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rooftop Club Gallery Line up and more

The Rooftop's DJ line up now looks something like this....

5pm - 7 : Colleen Lilliehook
7pm - 9 : ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11 : Katherine Ivory
6pm-8 : LeeLee Frangilli
5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow
8pm - 10 : Windsor Lorefield
11am-1 : Frederic Graves
6pm - 8 : CheckersSpeech Low
5pm - 7 : CheckersSpeech Low
7pm - 9 : Ennui Clip
9pm - 12 : PirateDucky Constantine
12am - 2 : Pasta Vendetta
5pm-8 : Quirky Questi

As you can see we are slowly filling the week... and starting to cover prime timezones other than the US. The music styles are varied, but all the DJs have info card givers in the club (just inside the door) so come on in and check out when your favourite DJ is playing or who is playing what...

Join the Rooftop Club or Quadrapop Tree groups in Search to hear about changes or additions to the venue Events

Monday, October 13, 2008

quadrapop lane will run the following building classes at Out of the Prim starting
Sunday October 12th
they will be held at 7pm SLT Sundays
and repeated 7am SLT Mondays
at the Out of the Prim hangout

The following "Know your menu" set is useful for all residents who haven't explored their menus recently.
You will learn what is there, where, and how to use it and the shortcuts for common actions from the menu.

7pm Sunday 12th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 13th Oct)
Know your menus - File Menu - Uploads and Snapshots

7pm Sunday 19th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 20th Oct)
Know your menus - Edit menu Part 1 - Avatars and Attachments

7pm Sunday 26th Oct (Repeat 7am Monday 27th Oct)
Know your menus - Edit menu Part 2 - Groups/Friends to reducing Lag via Preferences

7pm Sunday 2nd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 3rd Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 1 - Mouse Look to Mini Map

7pm Sunday 9th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 10th Nov)
Know your menus - View Menu Part 2 - FPS to Beacons

7pm Sunday 16th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 17th Nov)
Know your menus - World Menu

7pm Sunday 23rd Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 24th Nov)
Know your Menus - Tools Menu - quick intro - covered fully in the Basic Building classes

7pm Sunday 30th Nov (Repeat 3am Monday 1st Dec)
Know your menus - Help and Advanced Part 1 - snapshots

7pm Sunday 7th Dec (Repeat 3am Monday 8th Dec)
Know your menu - Advanced Part 2

Basic Building - Part 1 - Tools menu and getting to know your edit window
Basic Building - Part 2 - prim manipulation
Basic Building - Part 3 - textures and texturing
Basic Building - Part 4 - prim contents - includes some very basic scripts handling

Landforming - basic landforming for owners of mainland and islands

Particles - basic introduction to what a particle is and what the parts of a particle script do...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Upcoming events Sept 27 - Oct 4

At the Rooftop Club Gallery:

Jon Haskell - amazing large sculpty animals... even flying pigs and balancing elephants! Australian Trees and plants by Artfox Daviau and Glyph Graves.
RL abstract paintings by Kolor Fall.
RL photographs by quadrapop Lane.

At the rooftop the SL evenings are filling up fast with music. We have an inviting place to come dance, and hear an eclectic mix of music from experienced staff and guest DJs. Manager: Ennui Clip.

7pm - 9pm : ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11 : Katherine Ivory

5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow

5pm - 7 : Orly Clowes
7pm- 9 : Ennui Clip
9pm-12 : PirateDucky Constantine
12am- 2: Pasta Vendetta

Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to DJ Penelope

Today DJ Penelope Sideshow joined the illustrious company of the Rooftop Club Gallery DJs. She will be spinning tunes for you on Thursday evenings from 5pm-8pm SLT.

In other news: earlier today the Rooftop Club Gallery was invaded by some over sized animals by Jon Haskell - a Giraffe, Flying Pigs, a Squirrel with nut, and even a Pink Elephant among others! Seeing is believing! Rooftop landmark

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rooftop Club Gallery Expansion....

If you visited the Rooftop in the last 24 hours you will know what i mean...

The Rooftop just got larger! More space to dance but still with the same warm welcoming feel. And more wall space for artworks!

We have added the Intan couples dance ball system... look for the colour changing balls - touch and jump on the balls that appear and then choose your dance/snuggle from the menu.

You can now access the rest of the Gallery space by using the rabbit hole outside the Rooftop's front door... Enter a magical world where you will see things that are only possible in SL.

The Rooftop platform will continue to display a mix of RL inspired and SL artworks for your cultural pleasure.

Please bear with us while we reorganise the sculpture park - within a week we will have somewhere you can relax and snuggle under the stars while listening to your favourite DJ.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rooftop Club Gallery - time changes

Due to various commitments the regular Rooftop weekly party has moved to Saturdays 5pm onwards.

The line up for Saturday nights is:
5pm Orly Clowes
7pm Ennui Clip
9pm PirateDucky Constantine
11pm Pasta Vendetta

Dance machine, slow couples dance balls and dance poles available for your moving pleasure, with snuggles on the couches and cushions.

The garden is continuing to mutate and grow... find the baby (her name is Azaria)... ride the roo... look up into the Aussie trees... new art on the walls and spread around the joint... so please have a poke around while you are listening and dancing

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Events August/September

All times and dates are SLT
Rooftop landmark
Out of the Prim landmark
As always there are works and QTI orginals for sale Below The Clouds

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Monday 25 August
5pm - 12pm SLT
DJs Ennui Clip (9pm+), PirateDucky Constantine (7pm-9pm) and Orly Clowes (5pm-7pm)
Eclectic mix of musical styles to officially open the Rooftop Club
Visual Art featured:
Jon Haskell's Australian Fauna Sculpties
quadrapop Lane's RL photos and SL sculpture.

Out of the Prim (QTI - OotP)
Wednesday 27 August
7pm SLT
Quadrapop Lane will introduce the concepts behind this sim.
What it offers artists and content creators.
Discussion on what events will be held and how they will be structured.
QTI residents and community members encouraged to attend to have their say ;-)

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Wednesday 27th August
9pm - 12pm SLT
DJ Blaze will be playing a 3 hour set of goth and punk.... get to the Rooftop and party with the Blue Neko.
Art featured:
Jon Haskell's Australian Fauna
quadrapop Lane's RL photos and SL sculpture.

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Monday 1 September
5pm - 12pm SLT
DJs Ennui Clip, PirateDucky Constantine, Orly Clowes and guest DJ TBA
regular weekly party - come on down and hear something new
New artworks to look at!

Out of the Prim (QTI - OotP)
Wednesday 3 September
7pm SLT
Kolor Fall - PRIMitism... First work sessions will be "Drawing in Space" (i.e. will be making and using a drawing pens)
Series of Interactive Seminars using art-building tools Kolor is developing and/or using in SL.

Upcoming but TBA events:
RC - QTI resident Blaze Dalgleish will be DJing a Goth/punk set
OotP - Bau Ur - Alpha textures in sl
OotP - quadrapop Lane - camera controls tutorial
OotP - quadrapop Lane - how to use glow in your builds
New artworks on display at Rooftop every 2 weeks

DJs and live performers!

If any DJs or live performers would like to utilise the Rooftop for a set please contact Ennui Clip or PirateDucky Constantine. The club comes with a shoutcast stream and a tip jar system. PLease make use of this service - we love to hear you play!Rooftop Club is open 24 hours for your enjoyment.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rooftop Club - Monday is DJ night

From 25 August Monday nights (6pm - midnight) will be DJ night at the Rooftop Club - DJs Ennui Clip, PirateDucky Constantine and a guest DJ/performer will be doing eclectic sets for your enjoyment. Come listen, dance and have a great time with the friendly crew at the Rooftop.

Not only do you get music and good company: you can view the works of visual artists, check out the Garage gallery and the Back Yard sculpture area. Quadrapop Lane's photos and Jon Haskell's Aussie animals are currently on display. New feature artists every fortnight.

Remember to have a look at the shopping arcade and the amazing landscape on the ground - TPs in the balls outside the front entrance to the Club.

Content creators - we have 3600sqm residential/studio parcels for rent on a monthly basis with many extras - contact quadrapop Lane in world for more information and a copy of the current covenant

From 25th August Monday nights (SLT) will be one long party at the Rooftop! See you there....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Salons returning soon!

... to "Out of the Prim" at Quadrapop Tree Isle.

Kolor Fall will be doing a talk soon on a cool tool he has created for drawing in 3 dimensions within SL... before then we will have a seminar looking at the concepts behind the Quadrapop Tree Isle... keep an eye on this space for more info.

Other seminars being held at Quadrapop Tree Isle will include:
- camera controls
- DJing and using Shoutcast in SL
- using landform tools
- reducing your lag

Exact times and dates to be confirmed.

In the meantime come on over and check out the artworks and crazy flora and fauna on this sim. A preview of some of the stuff you will find there at Polysilox's site (thanks for taking pics when I was busy running the sim opening Poly;-).

Other sites to visit on the sim include:
Shopping Arcade - where you can purchase your own copies of the plants and view works by our resident artists
Rooftop Club - a great hangout being run by the energetic Ennui Clip - open mic nights as well as regular sets by inhouse and guest DJs
Under Water display - trippy rainbows and glowy stuff!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Arts Salon - Performing Arts

Phorkyad Acropolis and Meghamora Woodward talk about their experiences putting on theatre productions in SL and Jubilant Quackenbush talks about her experiences of performance art work in SL

A short session this week as Quadrapop had a RL appointment to get to.

The following transcript has been edited to remove system and script whispers only...

[2008/06/07 17:09] You: welcome to this week's Quadrapop Tree Arts Salon
[2008/06/07 17:09] Noctis Oh smiles
[2008/06/07 17:10] You: Performing Arts - that covers everything from DJs, Musicians, theatre, and ballet in my books
[2008/06/07 17:10] Linc Nefarious is Online
[2008/06/07 17:10] You: today we have Phorkyad Acropolis talking about his experiences putting on theatre in SL
[2008/06/07 17:11] RITCHEY Jacobus: awsome
[2008/06/07 17:11] Octaine Quinnell: Great
[2008/06/07 17:11] Noctis Oh bows
[2008/06/07 17:11] Phorkyad Acropolis: we just closed the Baccahe--minutes ago
[2008/06/07 17:11] You: and I know some of the others here are DJs or work in clubs that host live musicians/DJs
[2008/06/07 17:11] Manx Wharton: whoops~
[2008/06/07 17:12] Alizarin Goldflake: TY!
[2008/06/07 17:12] You: welcome Alazarin
[2008/06/07 17:12] Manx Wharton: should I be seeing some text?
[2008/06/07 17:12] Beta Bates waves hello
[2008/06/07 17:12] Manx Wharton: oh ok hey alizarin
[2008/06/07 17:12] Trip Joffe is Online
[2008/06/07 17:13] Alizarin Goldflake: hi Manx
[2008/06/07 17:13] Alizarin Goldflake: hi Beta
[2008/06/07 17:13] Noctis Oh waves
[2008/06/07 17:13] Manx Wharton: hey beta! long time!
[2008/06/07 17:13] Beta Bates: Hi, Alizarin
[2008/06/07 17:13] Beta Bates: Hi, Manx.
[2008/06/07 17:13] You: hmm the table is not rezzing a new seat :-(
[2008/06/07 17:13] Beta Bates: It has been a while, yah
[2008/06/07 17:13] Alizarin Goldflake: gee i wish my hair would grow back
[2008/06/07 17:13] Alizarin Goldflake: got the sl scuzzies
[2008/06/07 17:13] Manx Wharton: yah hugely.
[2008/06/07 17:14] Alizarin Goldflake: hehe
[2008/06/07 17:14] You: so who would like to start us off with a story about their experiences with performing in SL?
[2008/06/07 17:14] You: you git hair for me hun - though the clothing textures are missing ;-)
[2008/06/07 17:15] Noctis Oh: rebake?
[2008/06/07 17:15] You: brb kids hassling me for breakfast
[2008/06/07 17:15] Noctis Oh: ah
[2008/06/07 17:15] Alizarin Goldflake: i havent seen so many ruthed avis since i logged on 2 years ago
[2008/06/07 17:15] Trip Joffe is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:15] Alizarin Goldflake: this was a singularly bad sl day
[2008/06/07 17:15] Noctis Oh: the rolling restarts for updates do not seem to have improved matters
[2008/06/07 17:15] Manx Wharton: today has been a crashgasm anyway.
[2008/06/07 17:16] Alizarin Goldflake: got any idea why they do this on saturdays?
[2008/06/07 17:16] Octaine Quinnell: Yes Friday night was hellish
[2008/06/07 17:16] Manx Wharton: I was going from one sandbox to the next, just ahead of each restart.
[2008/06/07 17:17] Alizarin Goldflake: well why not do it wednesday
[2008/06/07 17:17] Manx Wharton: I felt like a vagrant.
[2008/06/07 17:17] Noctis Oh: hello linc
[2008/06/07 17:17] Alizarin Goldflake: because --- big business is now entered in
[2008/06/07 17:17] Octaine Quinnell: Hi Linc
[2008/06/07 17:17] Linc Nefarious: hi everyone!
[2008/06/07 17:17] You: back
[2008/06/07 17:17] You: hi linc
[2008/06/07 17:17] Alizarin Goldflake: hi Linc
[2008/06/07 17:17] Jubilant Quackenbush: hi Linc
[2008/06/07 17:18] Manx Wharton: LL needs to wake up and realize that they don't want to be the big biz soln; leave that to disney
[2008/06/07 17:18] Manx Wharton: they have better lawyers for it.
[2008/06/07 17:18] You: yes it is the little individuals who actually make their money for them ...
[2008/06/07 17:18] Manx Wharton: RIGHT

[2008/06/07 17:18] Alizarin Goldflake: well they will lose their charm altogether if they lose their artists
[2008/06/07 17:18] Manx Wharton: classic customer segmentation.
[2008/06/07 17:19] BETLOG Hax is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:19] You: manx any reason we have a zeplin parked in the gallery?
[2008/06/07 17:19] You: lol
[2008/06/07 17:19] Manx Wharton: hehe
[2008/06/07 17:19] Manx Wharton: because the Bugati's in the shop ;)
[2008/06/07 17:19] You: lol
[2008/06/07 17:19] Noctis Oh: :P
[2008/06/07 17:20] Alizarin Goldflake: ok so Quad
[2008/06/07 17:20] Alizarin Goldflake: the topic is?
[2008/06/07 17:20] You: Performing arts - listening to it - playing it - doing it
[2008/06/07 17:20] Alizarin Goldflake: what do you count as performance?
[2008/06/07 17:21] BETLOG Hax is Online
[2008/06/07 17:21] Noctis Oh: no exclusionary criteria, right?
[2008/06/07 17:21] You: Phorkyad is on the phone - he was aboutto tell us about his experiences putting on a theatre production
[2008/06/07 17:21] Alizarin Goldflake: does visual artist fit into the topic?
[2008/06/07 17:21] You: that right noctis
[2008/06/07 17:21] You: only if it is performed lol
[2008/06/07 17:21] Phorkyad Acropolis: oh back--was talking to my actor who crashed right before our performance
[2008/06/07 17:21] You: wb Phorkyad
[2008/06/07 17:21] Manx Wharton: specifically wrt the Bacchae, or more generally?
[2008/06/07 17:21] Linc Nefarious: crashed?
[2008/06/07 17:22] RITCHEY Jacobus: must be frustraiting
[2008/06/07 17:22] You: lots been doing that today
[2008/06/07 17:22] Phorkyad Acropolis: well not crash, internet meltdown more like
[2008/06/07 17:22] Alizarin Goldflake: ok may i have the definition of performing?
[2008/06/07 17:22] You: awww
[2008/06/07 17:22] You: anything where an actual AV has to be present for the work to happen
[2008/06/07 17:22] sandhya2 Patel is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:22] Meghamora Woodward: Yeah - fried cable modem. We were actually quite fortunate during the production as far as crashing actors... up until today!
[2008/06/07 17:22] You: so live DJs musicians actors
[2008/06/07 17:23] Alizarin Goldflake: ok got it
[2008/06/07 17:23] Alizarin Goldflake: you mean avs have to be moving?
[2008/06/07 17:23] You: couls even include living sculptures
[2008/06/07 17:23] Phorkyad Acropolis: and we dont have to talk abotu the Bacchae--general performance is more relevant to more of us I would say
[2008/06/07 17:23] Octaine Quinnell: Perhaps presenting too
[2008/06/07 17:23] You: but I've yet to meet a living sculpture busker in SL lol
[2008/06/07 17:23] Alizarin Goldflake: ugh - my chat is coming out backwards
[2008/06/07 17:23] Manx Wharton: what about art production performances
[2008/06/07 17:23] You: yes
[2008/06/07 17:23] Linc Nefarious: a poetry recital...its just speaking really
[2008/06/07 17:23] Manx Wharton: assembly processes etc
[2008/06/07 17:24] Octaine Quinnell: Yes - I was offered a roll in one. Have done several rolls in SL movies
[2008/06/07 17:24] You: I think one would have to oiinclude the fourth dimension to be a performance - ie time...
[2008/06/07 17:24] Manx Wharton: caffeine, brb
[2008/06/07 17:24] Beta Bates hides hir bread
[2008/06/07 17:24] Manx Wharton: /afk
[2008/06/07 17:25] Octaine Quinnell: Wheelerwood Movies. American Movie maker
[2008/06/07 17:25] You: sop phorkyad how do you put on a play in sl what does it entail?
[2008/06/07 17:25] Linc Nefarious: hi Oct
[2008/06/07 17:25] Phorkyad Acropolis: well, in many ways it is like RL theatre--scrit selection, auditions, rehearsals...staging, set and costume design
[2008/06/07 17:25] You: movies are a slightly different thing - the video is the finished product not the production process - though it is fun to take part in them
[2008/06/07 17:26] Phorkyad Acropolis: of course it comes out more like a puppet show coupled with radio drama...
[2008/06/07 17:26] Phorkyad Acropolis: so two things I am lookimg at are the technological limitations (and how to work with/around them)
[2008/06/07 17:26] Noctis Oh nods
[2008/06/07 17:27] Phorkyad Acropolis: and the idea of perceived presence--our audience knowing we are real, and responding to us
[2008/06/07 17:27] CodeBastard Redgrave is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:27] Phorkyad Acropolis: since lots of SL perfomance is one way--getting feedback i important
[2008/06/07 17:27] RITCHEY Jacobus: agreed
[2008/06/07 17:27] Phorkyad Acropolis: and if this is being blogged I should probably typebetter!
[2008/06/07 17:27] You: hehe
[2008/06/07 17:27] Jubilant Quackenbush: lol
[2008/06/07 17:27] You: np
[2008/06/07 17:27] Mar Dwi is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:28] Phorkyad Acropolis: what I also find is interesting is using SL conventions in a performance
[2008/06/07 17:28] Phorkyad Acropolis: so it eems"natural" given the environment
[2008/06/07 17:28] Noctis Oh: context is all :)
[2008/06/07 17:28] Linc Nefarious: what sort of conventions?
[2008/06/07 17:29] You: what do you mean by SL conventions Phorkyad?
[2008/06/07 17:29] Phorkyad Acropolis: well, avatars don;t always move in the direction you want them to--as I found out tonight while standing in for our missing performer
[2008/06/07 17:30] Alizarin Goldflake: sl was very bad today
[2008/06/07 17:30] Phorkyad Acropolis: so using pose balls to get an actor at a particular place; or watching the words /hug Cadmus appear during a show
[2008/06/07 17:30] Phorkyad Acropolis: these thingsare a part of everyay SL, so it seems natural to use them
[2008/06/07 17:30] You: welcome Wheelerwood
[2008/06/07 17:30] Wheelerwood Oppewall: ty
[2008/06/07 17:30] Falen Baar is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:30] Phorkyad Acropolis: I also had Dionysus, a god, teleport in and fly....because he CAN
[2008/06/07 17:31] You: hehe\
[2008/06/07 17:31] You: so in some ways SL is more fun to put on a production than in RL as you can do all the special effects in real time ;_)
[2008/06/07 17:31] Manx Wharton: it was a pretty hot andro dionysus btw. :D
[2008/06/07 17:32] Phorkyad Acropolis: well, theoretically, but they are certainly cheaper...when the house caught fire, the fire appeared on cue
[2008/06/07 17:32] Manx Wharton: esp with the bull head. :O
[2008/06/07 17:32] Noctis Oh grins
[2008/06/07 17:32] Wheelerwood Oppewall: :)
[2008/06/07 17:32] You: :-)
[2008/06/07 17:32] RITCHEY Jacobus: brb
[2008/06/07 17:33] Octaine Quinnell: How big can the audience get before lag effects the performance
[2008/06/07 17:33] Phorkyad Acropolis: eh, well...
[2008/06/07 17:33] Phorkyad Acropolis: we hd eight actors and two tech people...with an audience of 20 were mostly okay
[2008/06/07 17:33] Phorkyad Acropolis: Megh, would you agree?
[2008/06/07 17:34] Gumby Roffo is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:34] Meghamora Woodward: Yeah, I'd say so - it was kind of dependent on what else was going on.
[2008/06/07 17:34] Meghamora Woodward: I think we had a bigger audience on Wednesday, and lag wasn't affecting me at all... but that wasn't the case for a few of the actors.
[2008/06/07 17:34] Phorkyad Acropolis: yes, of course their own machines make a differences...
[2008/06/07 17:35] Meghamora Woodward: When there were 44 people on the sim, it was pretty laggy for everyone. But it did clear, eventually.
[2008/06/07 17:35] Phorkyad Acropolis: my alt attended tonight's performance so he could watch from the house for me
[2008/06/07 17:35] You: lag is usually more at the client end - and that is mostly caused by the AVs and all their attachments your client is trying to rez
[2008/06/07 17:35] Octaine Quinnell: Yes and that would make it difficult for timing
[2008/06/07 17:35] Phorkyad Acropolis: but the fire appeared grey for a Loooong time
[2008/06/07 17:36] Linc Nefarious: was there voice chat in this production?
[2008/06/07 17:36] Phorkyad Acropolis: we used voice chat for dialgoue, then Ihad music on the audio stream for music and sound effects
[2008/06/07 17:36] Noctis Oh: have you had difficulty with audience "participation"?
[2008/06/07 17:36] You: and was there text of the dialogue as well?
[2008/06/07 17:37] Phorkyad Acropolis: weran a ine reader, so anyone could read along
[2008/06/07 17:37] You: for those who cant do voice?
[2008/06/07 17:37] You: great
[2008/06/07 17:37] Manx Wharton: phork, I was wondering if you'd be able to discuss how you accounted for during-show crashes, when the VC kept rolling.
[2008/06/07 17:37] Phorkyad Acropolis: but so far I have resisted open mics for audience for immediate feedback
[2008/06/07 17:37] Phorkyad Acropolis: fortunately no one crashed DURING
[2008/06/07 17:37] Manx Wharton: I mean in the audience.
[2008/06/07 17:38] Manx Wharton: sorry! :D
[2008/06/07 17:38] Phorkyad Acropolis: we have had lien reader lag so it jumped lines, scenes reordered them
[2008/06/07 17:38] Phorkyad Acropolis: ah, I couldnt keep track of audience crashes!
[2008/06/07 17:38] You: ouch
[2008/06/07 17:38] Octaine Quinnell: brb
[2008/06/07 17:38] Manx Wharton: true, but with VC still live
[2008/06/07 17:38] Phorkyad Acropolis: though I did monitor audience size and it was fairly consistent
[2008/06/07 17:38] Manx Wharton: did you try to capitalize on the audio component more?
[2008/06/07 17:39] Manx Wharton: kind of like a radio show?
[2008/06/07 17:39] Phorkyad Acropolis: well voice chat is perfect for theatre presentation--but i had thi splan
[2008/06/07 17:39] Phorkyad Acropolis: to record the choral odes and mix them with the music to play on the audio stream
[2008/06/07 17:39] Phorkyad Acropolis: that way the chorus would not be localized but everywhere
[2008/06/07 17:40] Phorkyad Acropolis: unfortunately the recordings of each chorus member with different mics, etc made the levels too different for a consistent recording
[2008/06/07 17:40] Wheelerwood Oppewall: question
[2008/06/07 17:40] Wheelerwood Oppewall: are you doing the show live or recording and playing later
[2008/06/07 17:41] Phorkyad Acropolis: live
[2008/06/07 17:41] Pandaemon Bombast is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:41] Wheelerwood Oppewall: k
[2008/06/07 17:41] Phorkyad Acropolis: recorded music and sound effects
[2008/06/07 17:41] Linc Nefarious: is voice a requirement you think, will audiencesa accept a produciton with just text?
[2008/06/07 17:41] elros Tuominen is Offline
[2008/06/07 17:41] Phorkyad Acropolis: I think it depends on what it is...and what other elements are in place
[2008/06/07 17:41] Manx Wharton: the text tends to pile up I think.
[2008/06/07 17:42] You: is this the first production you have put on in SL?
[2008/06/07 17:42] Phorkyad Acropolis: I did a one act piece last summer called THE PERM--two actors
[2008/06/07 17:42] Noctis Oh: quite a difference
[2008/06/07 17:42] Phorkyad Acropolis: and have done some spoken word performances in between
[2008/06/07 17:43] Phorkyad Acropolis: Megh has also done some mixed reality performance
[2008/06/07 17:43] Meghamora Woodward: Yes - I've done RL performance that incorporates SL via video projector. Basically, I act in RL with me in SL as my costar.
[2008/06/07 17:44] Phorkyad Acropolis: I am hoping she will bring that to SL this summer
[2008/06/07 17:44] Meghamora Woodward: As soon as I figure out how to bring RL me into SL properly. ;)
[2008/06/07 17:44] You: hehe summer - it is winter where i am...
[2008/06/07 17:44] You: via video?
[2008/06/07 17:44] Phorkyad Acropolis: I am off from teaching for 3.5 months--glorious summer...
[2008/06/07 17:44] Octaine Quinnell: back sorry
[2008/06/07 17:44] Phorkyad Acropolis smiles
[2008/06/07 17:45] You: wb Oct
[2008/06/07 17:45] Meghamora Woodward: Video would be nice, but I'm not sure the streaming technology is up to the kind of timing I have in mind - back and forth dialogue.
[2008/06/07 17:45] You: ah i see
[2008/06/07 17:45] Noctis Oh: sounds a challenge
[2008/06/07 17:45] RITCHEY Jacobus: indeed
[2008/06/07 17:45] Wheelerwood Oppewall: and $$
[2008/06/07 17:45] Meghamora Woodward: I will probably end up using morphing avatars - one shape like the one you see now, another that's representative of my RL self - with symbolic things like pictures of my RL surroundings...
[2008/06/07 17:46] Phorkyad Acropolis: so again, we have to find creative ways to do things if the technology slows us down (even literally with lag!)
[2008/06/07 17:47] Wheelerwood Oppewall: Are your performances shot on the ground or in the sky
[2008/06/07 17:47] You: we all have to work within the limits of the technology we are using to mediate our art
[2008/06/07 17:47] You: have you had a live video made of any of the performances?
[2008/06/07 17:48] Manx Wharton: well, art is the process of creation, and craft is the deft production against constraints.
[2008/06/07 17:48] Noctis Oh: interesting definitions
[2008/06/07 17:48] You: nice definition manx
[2008/06/07 17:48] Manx Wharton: so SLers tend to get crafty.
[2008/06/07 17:48] Phorkyad Acropolis: not sure what you emean by shot in sky or gorund?
[2008/06/07 17:48] Octaine Quinnell: Yes
[2008/06/07 17:48] Wheelerwood Oppewall: I have found in my filming if I have my sets over 300 meters it reduces lag greatly
[2008/06/07 17:48] Octaine Quinnell: Had that debate the other night
[2008/06/07 17:48] Phorkyad Acropolis: we have done some video clips:
[2008/06/07 17:49] You: :-) great!
[2008/06/07 17:49] RITCHEY Jacobus: sorry every one i have to go great to meet you all and thank u quad
[2008/06/07 17:49] Phorkyad Acropolis: bye Ritchey
[2008/06/07 17:49] Meghamora Woodward: My RL performance had the SL component in a skybox 750 meters in the sky... which actually disappointed some of my audience members; they didn't want to see just my avatar - they wanted to see more of the world surrounding her.
[2008/06/07 17:49] RITCHEY Jacobus: bye all
[2008/06/07 17:49] Jubilant Quackenbush: bye Ritchey
[2008/06/07 17:49] Meghamora Woodward: Bye, Ritchey!
[2008/06/07 17:49] Wheelerwood Oppewall: bye
[2008/06/07 17:49] Noctis Oh: bbye
[2008/06/07 17:49] Manx Wharton: cya richey
[2008/06/07 17:49] You: bye Ritchey
[2008/06/07 17:50] You shout: welcome Willow!
[2008/06/07 17:50] Wheelerwood Oppewall: then use a holodeck soundstage
[2008/06/07 17:50] Phorkyad Acropolis: I had bulders create the Greek Theater as an educational location, btu also for performance
[2008/06/07 17:51] Phorkyad Acropolis: it sits at the edge of the ocean, and so the seaward vista has less lag
[2008/06/07 17:51] You: or get a builder to build you an environment
[2008/06/07 17:51] Phorkyad Acropolis: or so I have been told!
[2008/06/07 17:51] Quadrapop Tree Goody Bag Giver: Unable to give inventory: No item named ''
[2008/06/07 17:51] Quadrapop Tree Goody Bag Giver: Unable to give inventory: No item named ''
[2008/06/07 17:51] Manx Wharton: you know, with the graphic lag issues, why do they bother constraining our group titles to some stunted length. Those LLers. :|
[2008/06/07 17:52] You: it depends how big a draw distance your audience member has - if they have their draw distance at 500m then they will lag - unless they are on a big kick ass machine
[2008/06/07 17:52] Will0w Anatra: Hello.
[2008/06/07 17:52] Manx Wharton: hi willow
[2008/06/07 17:52] You: hi willow
[2008/06/07 17:52] You: welcoem to the quadrapop tree
[2008/06/07 17:52] Will0w Anatra: Thanks.
[2008/06/07 17:52] Wheelerwood Oppewall: Hello
[2008/06/07 17:52] Will0w Anatra: It's my first time here.
[2008/06/07 17:52] Noctis Oh: welcome, mine as well :)
[2008/06/07 17:53] Beta Bates: Mine too
[2008/06/07 17:53] Manx Wharton: well, first timers are required to recite longfellow nude. come on, hop to it
[2008/06/07 17:53] You: you are invisible to me Willow ;-)
[2008/06/07 17:53] Jubilant Quackenbush: mine three
[2008/06/07 17:53] You: Manx! lol
[2008/06/07 17:53] Will0w Anatra: Um. Okay. Hold on.
[2008/06/07 17:53] Noctis Oh: I'll do it
[2008/06/07 17:53] Noctis Oh grins
[2008/06/07 17:53] Will0w Anatra: Better? I'm in the teal chair behind you.
[2008/06/07 17:53] Phorkyad Acropolis: Longfellow Nude? I am unfamiliar with him and his poems...
[2008/06/07 17:54] Manx Wharton: that's the spirit noctis! :D
[2008/06/07 17:54] Noctis Oh snorts
[2008/06/07 17:54] You: ah now you rez ;-)
[2008/06/07 17:54] Will0w Anatra: :) Yay rebake.
[2008/06/07 17:54] Will0w Anatra: Are most people here actively doing and showing art in SL?
[2008/06/07 17:54] Manx Wharton: oh, right--I was talking about the, uhm, poet
[2008/06/07 17:54] Octaine Quinnell: Yes
[2008/06/07 17:55] Noctis Oh: the um poet is right
[2008/06/07 17:55] You: yes we are Willow - some are visual others music and others theatre
[2008/06/07 17:55] You: oh and movies;-)
[2008/06/07 17:55] Manx Wharton: and poets
[2008/06/07 17:55] Noctis Oh: and some of us perform in other ways :)
[2008/06/07 17:55] Manx Wharton: and chefs
[2008/06/07 17:55] You: and poets - that right
[2008/06/07 17:55] Manx Wharton: and con artists.
[2008/06/07 17:55] Wheelerwood Oppewall: lag is our muse
[2008/06/07 17:56] Will0w Anatra nods. I'm a performer with a dance and performance art background in rl, but haven't done much here.
[2008/06/07 17:56] Jubilant Quackenbush: I was part of a performance piece involving giving birth in SL after a 9 week pregnancy
[2008/06/07 17:56] Octaine Quinnell: hehe
[2008/06/07 17:56] Will0w Anatra: Really?
[2008/06/07 17:56] Octaine Quinnell: Yuk
[2008/06/07 17:56] Will0w Anatra: Cool.
[2008/06/07 17:56] Will0w Anatra: (I did one during my actual 8th month of pregnancy...)
[2008/06/07 17:56] Linc Nefarious: dance would be a hard thing to do in SL.
[2008/06/07 17:56] Octaine Quinnell: I get to see the RL thing in a few months
[2008/06/07 17:56] Noctis Oh: it was a lovely performance
[2008/06/07 17:56] You: wow is that what it was all about!
[2008/06/07 17:56] Will0w Anatra: Cool.
[2008/06/07 17:57] Manx Wharton: I suppose you didn't go C. :D
[2008/06/07 17:57] Jubilant Quackenbush: Wel, I am not able to get pregnant in RL
[2008/06/07 17:57] Will0w Anatra: What kind of performance? Physical? Dance? Words? Mix?
[2008/06/07 17:57] quadrapop Lane has done the RL thing 3 times - that was enough...
[2008/06/07 17:57] Will0w Anatra grins.
[2008/06/07 17:57] Phorkyad Acropolis: WillOw you may want to findd Kim Pasternak in SL who is doing dance project...
[2008/06/07 17:57] Jubilant Quackenbush: and so I did it in SL
[2008/06/07 17:57] Will0w Anatra nods.
[2008/06/07 17:57] You: that is what SL is for - doing what we cant in RL
[2008/06/07 17:57] You: well one of the things anyway
[2008/06/07 17:58] Will0w Anatra: It's interesting to see so many parents out here...I know that this is my night out that I don't get other wise now that our daughter is here.
[2008/06/07 17:58] Octaine Quinnell: True
[2008/06/07 17:58] Manx Wharton: yes, like violating mountain goats.
[2008/06/07 17:58] Manx Wharton pulls himself together
[2008/06/07 17:58] Jubilant Quackenbush: and for the actual birth, my friend whi got pregnant in SL with me and I gave birth to an audience
[2008/06/07 17:58] Will0w Anatra: Nice, paintings, btw, Manx.
[2008/06/07 17:58] Manx Wharton: wtyvm
[2008/06/07 17:58] Will0w Anatra: For real?
[2008/06/07 17:58] You: how did that go Jubi?
[2008/06/07 17:58] Jubilant Quackenbush: we had an artist build a auditorium filled with water
[2008/06/07 17:58] Jubilant Quackenbush: for water birth
[2008/06/07 17:58] Manx Wharton: ms willow
[2008/06/07 17:58] Octaine Quinnell: Cool
[2008/06/07 17:59] Jubilant Quackenbush: we found labor pain animations
[2008/06/07 17:59] You: done that 3 times only way to go in rl
[2008/06/07 17:59] Jubilant Quackenbush: and built prim infaants
[2008/06/07 17:59] Jubilant Quackenbush: there was another level to it
[2008/06/07 18:00] Jubilant Quackenbush: becuse we were both giving birth to unused furry herm alts...
[2008/06/07 18:00] You: hehe
[2008/06/07 18:00] Jubilant Quackenbush: turned the pregnancy into a way of bringin them to life
[2008/06/07 18:00] Manx Wharton: yaaahhh.
[2008/06/07 18:00] Manx Wharton: :O
[2008/06/07 18:01] Noctis Oh grins
[2008/06/07 18:01] Noctis Oh: selfproducing selfhood
[2008/06/07 18:01] Octaine Quinnell: Sorry all I have to leave - RL calls. Or naggs. :)
[2008/06/07 18:01] You: mmm coffee... sorry folks but I will have to leavein a few minutes - please feel free to continue your discussion
[2008/06/07 18:01] Noctis Oh: :P
[2008/06/07 18:01] Iohannes Crispien is Offline
[2008/06/07 18:01] Jubilant Quackenbush: bye Oct
[2008/06/07 18:01] You: poor Oct - it will only get worse ty for coming
[2008/06/07 18:02] You: so are you now using the alts you "birthed"
[2008/06/07 18:02] Jubilant Quackenbush: yes we are
[2008/06/07 18:02] Will0w Anatra waves. Nice to meet you.
[2008/06/07 18:02] You: wb beta
[2008/06/07 18:02] Will0w Anatra: That is completely interesting.
[2008/06/07 18:02] Octaine Quinnell is Offline
[2008/06/07 18:02] Beta Bates: Thanks.
[2008/06/07 18:02] Jhoolya Eilde is Offline
[2008/06/07 18:02] Manx Wharton: great seeing you willow
[2008/06/07 18:02] Beta Bates: Crashycrashiness.
[2008/06/07 18:02] Noctis Oh: wb
[2008/06/07 18:02] Jubilant Quackenbush: weebee Betaluv
[2008/06/07 18:02] Beta Bates: Thanks, Jubidear.
[2008/06/07 18:03] Will0w Anatra: Oh...not leaving. Saying bye to Octaine.
[2008/06/07 18:03] Noctis Oh: so jubi, what was it like for you to perform the actual labor in front of an audience?
[2008/06/07 18:03] Jubilant Quackenbush: the public nature of the birth also helped the pregnancy itself not be... anticlimactic
[2008/06/07 18:04] Jubilant Quackenbush: it was quite movning actually
[2008/06/07 18:04] You: how many in the audience?
[2008/06/07 18:04] Will0w Anatra: Perhaps I'm missing something...was the actual labor broadcast into sl as well?
[2008/06/07 18:04] Beta Bates: 30+, I think?
[2008/06/07 18:04] Beta Bates: It was a solely SL pregancy, Will0w
[2008/06/07 18:04] Jubilant Quackenbush: the labor was in SL Willow
[2008/06/07 18:04] Will0w Anatra: Ah.
[2008/06/07 18:04] Will0w Anatra: Okay.
[2008/06/07 18:05] Jubilant Quackenbush: I can't get pregnant in RL
[2008/06/07 18:05] Will0w Anatra nods.
[2008/06/07 18:05] Will0w Anatra: Okay, missed that. Apologies.
[2008/06/07 18:05] Noctis Oh smiles
[2008/06/07 18:05] Jubilant Quackenbush: it was not simply role-playing for me
[2008/06/07 18:06] You decline alt7 - Alternative Music / Indie, Pomponio (32, 89, 71) from A group member named Therese Slade.
[2008/06/07 18:06] Will0w Anatra nods, agreeing completely.
[2008/06/07 18:06] Jubilant Quackenbush: it was a way to express and virtually embody a deep desire
[2008/06/07 18:06] Manx Wharton: right. part of the performance art immersion is an exploration beyond role itself.
[2008/06/07 18:06] Will0w Anatra: It sounds absolutely gorgeous.
[2008/06/07 18:07] Jubilant Quackenbush: the audience was moved too
[2008/06/07 18:07] Manx Wharton: I'm sorry I missed this
[2008/06/07 18:07] Jubilant Quackenbush: and many came to an after party where they were able to rock the babies in thier arms....
[2008/06/07 18:07] Manx Wharton: academically and artistically and Slistically interesting in several respects.
[2008/06/07 18:07] Beta Bates: Awwww, indeed.
[2008/06/07 18:07] Noctis Oh: I have the info card if anyone wants it
[2008/06/07 18:07] You: me too - I saw you growing at fracture but did not realise it was part of an ongoing artwork
[2008/06/07 18:07] Jubilant Quackenbush: most had emotional reactions to that as well
[2008/06/07 18:07] Beta Bates: I'm scanning my drive for the pics I know I took of it.
[2008/06/07 18:08] You: please Noctis
[2008/06/07 18:08] Manx Wharton: man, I need to hit fracture more.
[2008/06/07 18:08] Noctis Oh gave you The Labor Project--Information.
[2008/06/07 18:08] Beta Bates giggles
[2008/06/07 18:08] Noctis Oh nods seriously
[2008/06/07 18:08] You: ty Noctis
[2008/06/07 18:08] Manx Wharton: :D
[2008/06/07 18:09] Manx Wharton: tx noctis
[2008/06/07 18:09] Noctis Oh nods
[2008/06/07 18:09] You: Sorry folks I have to leave... rl meeting to attend... the next Salon will be on July 6th
[2008/06/07 18:09] You: I'm away fromt he net in a fortnight ;-)
[2008/06/07 18:09] Beta Bates: Awww, Quad
[2008/06/07 18:09] Manx Wharton: looking fwd to it
[2008/06/07 18:09] Jubilant Quackenbush: thank you quadropop
[2008/06/07 18:09] Noctis Oh: rl holiday>?
[2008/06/07 18:09] Meghamora Woodward: Thank you for having us, Quadrapop! :)
[2008/06/07 18:09] Manx Wharton: have a good one quad
[2008/06/07 18:09] You: yes:-))
[2008/06/07 18:09] Beta Bates: Hope it's for a good cause.
[2008/06/07 18:10] You: yw anytime all of you
[2008/06/07 18:10] Will0w Anatra: Lovely to meet you, Quadrapop.
[2008/06/07 18:11] You: TY Phorkyad, Megh and Jubi for sharing your experiences in SL - please continue the discussion if you wish... I will leave myav here to catch any further text
[2008/06/07 18:11] You: you too willow
[2008/06/07 18:11] Linc Nefarious: thanks quad
[2008/06/07 18:11] You: afk
[2008/06/07 18:11] Phorkyad Acropolis: sure you ar ewelcome
[2008/06/07 18:11] Noctis Oh waves
[2008/06/07 18:11] Will0w Anatra: I should go, as well. Thanks so much for the notecard, Noctis.
[2008/06/07 18:11] Noctis Oh: surely
[2008/06/07 18:11] Manx Wharton: great talk gang. this one of those practical creative-work discussions that we could do more with ISL
[2008/06/07 18:11] Will0w Anatra: This is incredibly interesting...I"ve been searching around for good art and performance for a while now.
[2008/06/07 18:12] Will0w Anatra: Please keep in touch.
[2008/06/07 18:12] Kilara Balnarring is Offline
[2008/06/07 18:12] You: afk
[2008/06/07 18:12] Manx Wharton: shall indeed willow
[2008/06/07 18:12] Jubilant Quackenbush: Phorkyad and Meghamora... how can I be notified of your next performances
[2008/06/07 18:13] Linc Nefarious: the Australian Film Television and Radio School has a presence in SL. they would be doing some pretty interesting work I imagine
[2008/06/07 18:13] Phorkyad Acropolis: I have a group if you would like to join
[2008/06/07 18:13] Noctis Oh bows to willow
[2008/06/07 18:14] Manx Wharton: oh I have a group too! notices about really messed-up things going on and general misbehavior.
[2008/06/07 18:14] Beta Bates: Such as.....?
[2008/06/07 18:14] Beta Bates: I saw that in your profile and was wondering, Manx.
[2008/06/07 18:14] Manx Wharton: for example: tonight is a 'beta ride' in that dirigible overhead.
[2008/06/07 18:14] Beta Bates: Um?
[2008/06/07 18:14] Noctis Oh mews
[2008/06/07 18:15] Manx Wharton: It's the FREAKOUT, BETA! :D
[2008/06/07 18:15] Beta Bates crosses hir legs
[2008/06/07 18:15] Noctis Oh: eep
[2008/06/07 18:15] Beta Bates: Yah.
[2008/06/07 18:17] Jubilant Quackenbush: sorry, looking for another group to drop so I can join Meghamora's
[2008/06/07 18:17] Noctis Oh: so, thanks all. . .
[2008/06/07 18:17] Manx Wharton: hang on.
[2008/06/07 18:17] Meghamora Woodward: I keep running into that problem, too. *sighs*
[2008/06/07 18:18] Manx Wharton: art events, bizarre music things, NPIRL stuff, weird infrastructure here ISL---kind of out there but straight but
[2008/06/07 18:18] Manx Wharton: surreal without realizing it.
[2008/06/07 18:19] Manx Wharton: that and comrades in art post things they have going.
[2008/06/07 18:19] Jubilant Quackenbush: ok Megh, good to go
[2008/06/07 18:19] Jubilant Quackenbush: invite me to your group?
[2008/06/07 18:19] Manx Wharton: just a big clearinghouse of the distinctive.
[2008/06/07 18:20] Jubilant Quackenbush: Thanks hun
[2008/06/07 18:20] Jubilant Quackenbush: thanx Manx
[2008/06/07 18:20] Noctis Oh: very well, all, my thanks for the meeting
[2008/06/07 18:20] Manx Wharton: def you bet!
[2008/06/07 18:20] Noctis Oh: lovley evening to all
[2008/06/07 18:20] Manx Wharton: great visit noctis. ;)
[2008/06/07 18:21] Meghamora Woodward: You're welcome - thank you for joining! :)
[2008/06/07 18:21] Jubilant Quackenbush: time for me to go too
[2008/06/07 18:21] Jubilant Quackenbush: thanks everyone
[2008/06/07 18:21] Noctis Oh bows to manx
[2008/06/07 18:21] Linc Nefarious: im going to head off also. thanks for the discussion everyone. some really interesting issues were discussed.
[2008/06/07 18:21] Manx Wharton: great seeing you linc.
[2008/06/07 18:21] Noctis Oh: must jet, my thanks to all
[2008/06/07 18:21] Manx Wharton: cheers
[2008/06/07 18:22] Linc Nefarious: nice to see you Manx. take care
[2008/06/07 18:22] Manx Wharton: EVERYBODY TYPE ON PHORK!
[2008/06/07 18:22] Manx Wharton: hehe
[2008/06/07 18:22] Phorkyad Acropolis: hey~
[2008/06/07 18:22] Phorkyad Acropolis: on phone again
[2008/06/07 18:22] Meghamora Woodward thinks we should be allowed to sit on afk avatars.
[2008/06/07 18:22] Manx Wharton: you around later quad? want to take a ride on The Magus?
[2008/06/07 18:22] Linc Nefarious is Offline
[2008/06/07 18:23] You: CC here - Quad is gone - will be gone for 7+ hours. (she has a Certification Course today)
[2008/06/07 18:24] Manx Wharton: oh sorry! haha
[2008/06/07 18:24] You: np.
[2008/06/07 18:24] Manx Wharton: best of luck to her then
[2008/06/07 18:24] Manx Wharton: AND GET OUT OF QUAD'S BODY YOU FREAK! haha
[2008/06/07 18:24] Phorkyad Acropolis: well, see you all
[2008/06/07 18:24] Manx Wharton: cyall phork
[2008/06/07 18:25] Meghamora Woodward: Goodnight! :)
[2008/06/07 18:25] Manx Wharton: hey btw I'm a friend of Perse.
[2008/06/07 18:25] Manx Wharton: Persephone Phoenix
[2008/06/07 18:25] You: LoL. Thanks Manx - I can see why she likes you ...
[2008/06/07 18:25] Meghamora Woodward: Oh, cool! I remembered her saying hello to you when you came to see us. :)
[2008/06/07 18:25] Manx Wharton: haha oh GAWD
[2008/06/07 18:26] Meghamora Woodward: Have a good evening!
[2008/06/07 18:26] Manx Wharton: u2

Thursday, June 5, 2008

QT Arts Salon: Performing Arts

This week the Quadrapop Tree Arts Salon will be looking at the performing arts in SL... everything from Live DJs and musicians to ballet and theatre. If you have an interest in any of these - either as a performer or audience member come along and share your stories and experiences.

PS there will be no Salon on 21 June as Quadrapop will be away from the net that weekend...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Arts Salon Saturday 24 May 5pm SLT

The following is the transcript of the second Arts Salon held at the Quadrapop Tree Gallery in Pelinor in SecondLife.

The Transcript has been edited for removal of stats warnings etc only.

If any of the participants require the removal of their contributions/presence please contact Quadrapop Lane in world.

[2008/05/24 17:14] You: well welcome to this weeks Salon on RL art in SL
[2008/05/24 17:14] You: feel free to ask quaetsions or talk about any issues you have regarding RL art in SL
[2008/05/24 17:14] RITCHEY Jacobus: okay
[2008/05/24 17:15] RITCHEY Jacobus: may i tell you what happened to me
[2008/05/24 17:15] Octaine Quinnell: Yep
[2008/05/24 17:15] You: I know Ritchey uses SL as an extension of his online painting sales
[2008/05/24 17:15] You: please do Ritchey - I'm glad you came
[2008/05/24 17:15] Octaine Quinnell: Oh
[2008/05/24 17:16] You shout: WElcome Ray - come join us
[2008/05/24 17:16] You: graba seat - plenty for all
[2008/05/24 17:17] RITCHEY Jacobus is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:17] You: oops ritchey crashed
[2008/05/24 17:17] Ray Holgado: hello all
[2008/05/24 17:17] Nimbus Rau: out of curiosity, is anyone else not seeing the avatars here loaded properly? I'm seeing people made of grey playdoh, and white misty unrezzed clouds.
[2008/05/24 17:17] White Lebed: hey
[2008/05/24 17:17] You: welcome to teh quadrapop Tree and the Salon
[2008/05/24 17:17] Octaine Quinnell: Yes me too
[2008/05/24 17:17] You: yep me too Nimbus
[2008/05/24 17:17] RITCHEY Jacobus is Online
[2008/05/24 17:17] White Lebed: I can see only my avatar rezzed
[2008/05/24 17:17] You: SL is doing its usual weirdness
[2008/05/24 17:18] Ray Holgado: its called lag
[2008/05/24 17:18] Nimbus Rau: ah, ok, it's not just me then.
[2008/05/24 17:18] You: you are mostly rezzed for me NImbus
[2008/05/24 17:18] Octaine Quinnell: I can't res my clothing item either
[2008/05/24 17:18] RITCHEY Jacobus: hmmm
[2008/05/24 17:18] RITCHEY Jacobus: back
[2008/05/24 17:18] You: wb Ritchey
[2008/05/24 17:18] White Lebed: do we have to look at something?
[2008/05/24 17:18] Nimbus Rau: ah well, the white clouds are more interesting than Ruths, at least.
[2008/05/24 17:18] You: lol
[2008/05/24 17:18] White Lebed: we can treat it as an yahoo art chat room
[2008/05/24 17:19] Juanita Deharo: WOOPS LOL
[2008/05/24 17:19] You: welcome Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:19] RITCHEY Jacobus: hi juanita
[2008/05/24 17:19] Juanita Deharo: HI ALL
[2008/05/24 17:19] Octaine Quinnell: I had temp res advertising textures the other night - very strange. I thought I had picked up a bad script
[2008/05/24 17:19] You: Ritchey was about to tell us of his experiences with RL art in SL
[2008/05/24 17:19] Octaine Quinnell: Hi Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:20] Juanita Deharo: HI OCTAINE
[2008/05/24 17:20] elros Tuominen is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:20] Juanita Deharo: woops sorry didnt mean to shout
[2008/05/24 17:20] Octaine Quinnell: hehe
[2008/05/24 17:20] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes any way juanita i was telling them about the issue the other week
[2008/05/24 17:20] You: (and then he crashed before we heard it)
[2008/05/24 17:20] Juanita Deharo: yes - how does one prove anything on the internet/ let alone SL
[2008/05/24 17:20] RITCHEY Jacobus: i was removed from a show for stealing my art from my web site
[2008/05/24 17:21] Linc Nefarious is Online
[2008/05/24 17:21] White Lebed: lol
[2008/05/24 17:21] White Lebed: how so?
[2008/05/24 17:21] You: oh that is rich...
[2008/05/24 17:21] Octaine Quinnell: Yes very hard that one Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:21] Juanita Deharo: It's an interesting question though - how does an avatar prove which real life person they are?
[2008/05/24 17:22] You: did you get that one sorted out or just give up?
[2008/05/24 17:22] Octaine Quinnell: What was that Quad
[2008/05/24 17:22] RITCHEY Jacobus: no i couldnt be bothereed i have 4 of my own gallerys on sl
[2008/05/24 17:22] Juanita Deharo: I was the curator of the show Quad and it was withdrawn - not just Ritchey's work but the whole show
[2008/05/24 17:22] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes
[2008/05/24 17:23] Juanita Deharo: but it raises interesting questions doesnt it
[2008/05/24 17:23] Octaine Quinnell: Yes I am still angry about that too Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:23] You: I know Juanita I was part of it
[2008/05/24 17:23] Ray Holgado: I am not Ray Holgado in RL
[2008/05/24 17:23] RITCHEY Jacobus: but no one would come to me to variffy
[2008/05/24 17:23] Linc Nefarious: hello everyone
[2008/05/24 17:24] Ray Holgado: I could pretend to be Ricthey's real life persona
[2008/05/24 17:24] You: welcome Linc
[2008/05/24 17:24] RITCHEY Jacobus: hi linc
[2008/05/24 17:24] Ray Holgado: as well as he does probably
[2008/05/24 17:24] You: graba seat
[2008/05/24 17:24] White Lebed: well I deliberately separated my rl art from sl art - they have no connection at all - my objects here are pure SL creations - makes life easy
[2008/05/24 17:24] Octaine Quinnell: The Australian copyright Council has a real Grey area for proof of ownership
[2008/05/24 17:24] Octaine Quinnell: Yes well - White that seems to be the popular thing to do in SL
[2008/05/24 17:24] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes on my web site i have links to sl and the person making the clame could have contacted me
[2008/05/24 17:25] White Lebed: I love the possibilities to do here stuff that I can only think about in rl - why upload rl stuff? let it be real
[2008/05/24 17:25] Juanita Deharo: there are all sorts of ways that might have been checked - there were websites embedded in the painitngs and a notecard giver - itwas just mischevous
[2008/05/24 17:25] Octaine Quinnell: It does not help artists like Ritchey and myself who use SL to promote our RL art though
[2008/05/24 17:25] You: seems silly - you have been doing this for some time and even have sl resiendts who have purchased your RL works via the website after seeing it in sl...
[2008/05/24 17:25] Ray Holgado: But how can Ritchey prove he is Ritchet Sealy?
[2008/05/24 17:25] RITCHEY Jacobus: no im using sl as a web tool to ppromote my art globaly
[2008/05/24 17:26] Linc Nefarious: I like the idea of buying an SL artwork and getting the RL one also
[2008/05/24 17:26] You: buy one of his works and see...
[2008/05/24 17:26] White Lebed: if you come with open identity and put your rl information, do blogs etc - it is not a problem, right?
[2008/05/24 17:26] RITCHEY Jacobus: all my group notices are directed at ritchey sealy and my web site and rl contacts
[2008/05/24 17:27] Octaine Quinnell: Oh - that is how Crossworlds works
[2008/05/24 17:27] Ray Holgado: in your case becuase you are selling rl work as well it seems pretty clear
[2008/05/24 17:27] You: Crossworlds?
[2008/05/24 17:27] Ray Holgado: but what if I just copied some stuff and said it was mine
[2008/05/24 17:27] Ray Holgado: how could I prove I was that person?
[2008/05/24 17:27] Octaine Quinnell: Gallery run by fabillene
[2008/05/24 17:28] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes thatsiv see it happen
[2008/05/24 17:28] Ray Holgado: I saw some Aboriginal work at Cetus
[2008/05/24 17:28] Ray Holgado: clealry copied from the net
[2008/05/24 17:28] You: now that would be easy to prove - Ricthey can provide proof of copyright ownership - if you simply pull it off the web lawyers would npt nbe able to see RL physical object to correspond
[2008/05/24 17:28] Ray Holgado: and attributed to one artist
[2008/05/24 17:29] Ray Holgado: I couls say I had sold the object Quad
[2008/05/24 17:29] You: yes I am uneasy about Aboriginal works being used in SL
[2008/05/24 17:29] White Lebed: I learned long time ago - if you art is any good it will be copied in one way or another or openliy stolen, no way around it
[2008/05/24 17:29] Ray Holgado: The owner had a story - but it was concocted
[2008/05/24 17:29] You: biut Ray if you are the real artist you would have other works or working drawings
[2008/05/24 17:29] Ray Holgado: It took me a lot of work to find em on the net but I did
[2008/05/24 17:29] White Lebed: I prefer to use my energy to creat new instead of defending old
[2008/05/24 17:29] You: you dont sell all of an artwork when it is sold
[2008/05/24 17:29] Octaine Quinnell: A whole web site is not covered by Australian copy right only the individual items displayed within
[2008/05/24 17:30] Ray Holgado: how does that work Octaine?
[2008/05/24 17:30] Octaine Quinnell: Look under the article - I will just get the reference one moment
[2008/05/24 17:30] fabilene Cortes: Hello, everyone
[2008/05/24 17:30] Juanita Deharo: It is not really a question of law is it, but of practice. We are hardly going to have lawyers checking it all out in SL
[2008/05/24 17:30] Nimbus Rau: So the layout of the website, the "look and feel", of it, isn't copyrightable?
[2008/05/24 17:31] RITCHEY Jacobus: hi fabilene
[2008/05/24 17:31] Juanita Deharo: hi fab
[2008/05/24 17:31] Octaine Quinnell: Welcome Fabilene
[2008/05/24 17:31] RITCHEY Jacobus: thing is sl is such a new frontee for the arts
[2008/05/24 17:31] Falen Baar is Online
[2008/05/24 17:31] Larkum Woodget is Online
[2008/05/24 17:32] You: HI Fabilene welocme
[2008/05/24 17:32] Nimbus Rau: And the issues regarding copyright will of course vary depending on the form of one's artwork.
[2008/05/24 17:32] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes
[2008/05/24 17:32] Juanita Deharo: Ritchey in your case it seems very clear - you are using it as a marketing tool for your rl work and have very clear contacts and identification. It seems ludicrouos that uyou are the person who was ingled out!
[2008/05/24 17:32] Juanita Deharo: But for most sl artists the connection to rl is not evident
[2008/05/24 17:33] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes indeed
[2008/05/24 17:33] You: the cuirators of the show obviously did not do their homework... otherwise they would know your work is yours lol
[2008/05/24 17:33] Nimbus Rau: It'd be a lot harder for someone to copy an entire avatar, or one of Glyph Graves's works, than the work of someone who did paintings or suchlike in SL.
[2008/05/24 17:33] Juanita Deharo: well there are such things as copuybots
[2008/05/24 17:33] RITCHEY Jacobus: but i wasnt contacted by the porson making the acusation
[2008/05/24 17:33] Nimbus Rau: I missed the actual issue that started this discussion (crashed); can I have a potted summary?
[2008/05/24 17:33] You: difficult Nimbus but not impossible
[2008/05/24 17:33] Juanita Deharo: copyright within SL for creators is a BIG issue
[2008/05/24 17:34] Nimbus Rau: yeah, but copybots can't copy scripts or anims or sounds.
[2008/05/24 17:34] Linc Nefarious: but who neeeds to prove themselves the person making the acusation of the the target?
[2008/05/24 17:34] Nimbus Rau: A perms screwup would be a more likely source of copying probs, for me.
[2008/05/24 17:34] White Lebed: I met once a very talented painter at some small town art show - she was too good for the small booth, but she refuses to make a website nor have a digital pictures because of all this - she didn't gain much, still unknown
[2008/05/24 17:35] Ray Holgado: lol white!
[2008/05/24 17:35] Juanita Deharo: yes there is a thing as being too afraid
[2008/05/24 17:35] White Lebed: we take risk when we go public to become known famous and yes taken advantage of
[2008/05/24 17:35] Juanita Deharo: for me though as a gallery owner who shows other peoples work it is sometimes hard to find out if the av really owns the wrok
[2008/05/24 17:35] Juanita Deharo: work
[2008/05/24 17:36] Octaine Quinnell: OK back sorry
[2008/05/24 17:36] Juanita Deharo: unless they are willing to give a rl identity and links
[2008/05/24 17:36] You: there is an element of trust involved
[2008/05/24 17:36] Ray Holgado: and for some there are all sorts of reasons not to do that
[2008/05/24 17:36] You: yes i agree Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:36] Octaine Quinnell: Article G35 of the Australian Copyright act has some interesting points for proof of owner ship
[2008/05/24 17:36] RITCHEY Jacobus: i do also
[2008/05/24 17:36] Nimbus Rau: yes. some of us simply *aren't* willing to provide RL identity information on any request.
[2008/05/24 17:36] You: Manx is one - he has his reasons for not having a lionk between his SL and RL works
[2008/05/24 17:36] Octaine Quinnell:
[2008/05/24 17:37] Nimbus Rau: I've thought about this a bit, and for me I think the issue likely may boil down to "are the copies hurting my sales?"
[2008/05/24 17:37] Juanita Deharo: What is the relevant point there Octaine?
[2008/05/24 17:37] Nimbus Rau: I can't totally prevent folk from illegally copying my work in SL, if they're determined to. And paranoia can be really destructive.
[2008/05/24 17:37] Juanita Deharo: Nimbus it is a wider issue than just the personal economical effects
[2008/05/24 17:37] Nimbus Rau: It is, I know. That's just my personal yardstick.
[2008/05/24 17:38] Juanita Deharo: You cant prevent people from copying your work in rl or on the internet either - except by invoking the law
[2008/05/24 17:38] You: and even then it is alwasy after the fact...
[2008/05/24 17:38] Ray Holgado: lol yes- after they have made a fortune from your ideas
[2008/05/24 17:38] Nimbus Rau: and that way lies lawyers - which can get complicated and expensive.
[2008/05/24 17:38] Octaine Quinnell: Sorry - it has reslove the problems with not having a means to display the copyright and hence the true owner of the artwork in question.
[2008/05/24 17:39] Octaine Quinnell: Ideas are not covered by copyright
[2008/05/24 17:39] Ray Holgado: interesting Octaine
[2008/05/24 17:39] White Lebed: if someone can steal my ideas and make a fortune I will just hire htat person to be my agent
[2008/05/24 17:39] Jon Haskell is Online
[2008/05/24 17:39] You: no that is the pervue of patents
[2008/05/24 17:39] White Lebed: like I did with Music Hyun lol
[2008/05/24 17:39] You: lol
[2008/05/24 17:40] Juanita Deharo: so what about people like Minsky who are starting to take out SL trademarks and tell everyone else they can't use names and things in SL?
[2008/05/24 17:40] Nimbus Rau: That's my understanding, too. someone could go over my work prim by prim and duplicate it, creating their own copycat textures and reverse-engineering the scripts. I don't believe it's illegal, just, um, annoying. :-\
[2008/05/24 17:40] You: and more work than creating their own avs...
[2008/05/24 17:40] Nimbus Rau: exactly.
[2008/05/24 17:41] You: but that is sl artwork in sl... we are talking RL art brought in to sl
[2008/05/24 17:41] White Lebed: they probably do it to gain skills - then they will do some original work
[2008/05/24 17:41] You: slightly different perspective
[2008/05/24 17:41] White Lebed: let them be
[2008/05/24 17:41] Nimbus Rau: ah, I thought the topic of the discussion was artwork in sl in general, not specifically rl art in sl.
[2008/05/24 17:41] Juanita Deharo: as artists I can't see why one would do that - exfcept to use it as a marketing tool - like Ritchety - in which case one would have rl links
[2008/05/24 17:41] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes
[2008/05/24 17:42] You: well it is a bit of both - as one of the topics we could cover is how to use your rl art in sl in a sl creative way
[2008/05/24 17:42] Octaine Quinnell: Nim your scripts are covered by copyright and therefore if you wanted too waste alot of money trying to catch them at it - well you have everuy right.
[2008/05/24 17:42] Juanita Deharo: Otherwise why bring it in? It doesnt need to be in SSL - it adds nothing to the artwork
[2008/05/24 17:42] White Lebed: Ritchey anybody ever came to you in RL to buy something becasue of SL?
[2008/05/24 17:42] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes iv sold rl from sl
[2008/05/24 17:43] Juanita Deharo: and I have had some rl work from artworks created in sl
[2008/05/24 17:43] RITCHEY Jacobus: and have met people who know me in rl
[2008/05/24 17:43] Octaine Quinnell: True Juanita - although it does help self promote. Even if we operate under our Alias
[2008/05/24 17:44] Ray Holgado: Ritchey do you sell much art in sl- that is sl artwork?
[2008/05/24 17:44] RITCHEY Jacobus: all my art is my rl art images
[2008/05/24 17:44] White Lebed: I belive that artists should be deep into creation - sales, protectons, promotions, etc is up to their agents - just my point of view
[2008/05/24 17:44] RITCHEY Jacobus: i do sell them in sl though
[2008/05/24 17:44] RITCHEY Jacobus: as images
[2008/05/24 17:44] Nimbus Rau: That assumes one has an agent, though.
[2008/05/24 17:45] Ray Holgado: yes - I mean have you sold it in sl for sl purposes? or are most of your sales via sl going to rl?
[2008/05/24 17:45] Octaine Quinnell: I have drawn up plans to create RL works from my SL art as well. It works well as a medium for creating real space ideas. Challenging us to work out how to produce the effects in RL
[2008/05/24 17:45] Juanita Deharo: yes Octaine
[2008/05/24 17:45] RITCHEY Jacobus: people by my images in sl for sl momes and collections
[2008/05/24 17:45] RITCHEY Jacobus: homes
[2008/05/24 17:45] You: now there is a onother issue...
[2008/05/24 17:45] Juanita Deharo: But if you emailed a gallery in rl as Octaine Quinnell they would want a CV and to meet you etc etc
[2008/05/24 17:46] White Lebed: how showing photos and paitings in sl is different from showing them on your website? any advanteges for 2D art here?
[2008/05/24 17:46] Ray Holgado: ah - more than they buy in sl for rl?
[2008/05/24 17:46] You: sl art taken into RL - how to prove the rl work is not a rip off of an SL work and as they are in different "worlds" does it matter? Are they two spearate works regardless?
[2008/05/24 17:46] Juanita Deharo: MMM - It is all very interesting
[2008/05/24 17:47] Juanita Deharo: There are some videos someone took of my sl work on U Tube
[2008/05/24 17:47] Juanita Deharo: how to I complain and who do i complain to?
[2008/05/24 17:47] Octaine Quinnell: No not if they are easliy identified according to Australian Copyright Law. This is covered in thesame Article
[2008/05/24 17:47] White Lebed: why would you complain? that is a free promotion
[2008/05/24 17:48] Juanita Deharo: lol yes- but what if they were not attributed to me (which they are) but to someone else?
[2008/05/24 17:48] White Lebed: Crap Mariner made a video of my sclupture I sent him thankyou
[2008/05/24 17:48] Octaine Quinnell: Ideas displayed in Sl are published - just the same as they are on a web page or book
[2008/05/24 17:48] Juanita Deharo: WQho would I speak to and how could I prove they were mine
[2008/05/24 17:48] Linc Nefarious: add a comment to the utube video tell people of the real source.
[2008/05/24 17:48] Juanita Deharo: and would it be me rl or Junita?
[2008/05/24 17:48] White Lebed: they didn't mention your name? yack
[2008/05/24 17:48] Nimbus Rau: well, if it were me I'd start by emailing the poster of the video and saying "you seem to have an error in your attribution..." and see where it went from there.
[2008/05/24 17:49] Juanita Deharo: yes they did but I am asking hypothetcailly what if the attributed them to someone else?
[2008/05/24 17:49] Ray Holgado: Is an avatar a legal entity?
[2008/05/24 17:49] Nimbus Rau: you mean insisting that the other person made them even after you'd said "hey, I made that!"?
[2008/05/24 17:49] Nimbus Rau: An avatar, no. but the person behind it, most certainly! *laugh*
[2008/05/24 17:49] Ray Holgado: could an avatar seek legal assistance?
[2008/05/24 17:50] Ray Holgado: could an avatar have copyright?
[2008/05/24 17:50] Octaine Quinnell: yes Nim
[2008/05/24 17:50] Octaine Quinnell: No Ray
[2008/05/24 17:50] Juanita Deharo: yes - I guess there are a few directions to go
[2008/05/24 17:50] You: good poinrt Ray - and yet to be proved in court anywhere
[2008/05/24 17:50] Nimbus Rau: I don't believe so. At best, an avatar would likely be considered an alias, I'd guess, or a pen-name type thing.
[2008/05/24 17:50] White Lebed: I would like to see the judge who can understand that someone stole a sculpture that does't exist froma person who doesn't exist and sold it for money which don't exist
[2008/05/24 17:50] Ray Holgado: What about a shared avatar
[2008/05/24 17:51] Octaine Quinnell: We as Avatars work as a ghost writer does in litereary terms
[2008/05/24 17:51] You: lol White
[2008/05/24 17:51] Ray Holgado: Tyhere are avatars who are used by several rl people
[2008/05/24 17:51] Saitot Tammas is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:51] You: which is agaionst TOS Ray
[2008/05/24 17:51] Nimbus Rau: SL TOS forbids shared avatars, so that would open a whole different can of worms, I suspect.
[2008/05/24 17:51] You: can get your account cancelled
[2008/05/24 17:51] Ray Holgado: I am just thinking off the top of my head here
[2008/05/24 17:51] White Lebed: yes PR avatars
[2008/05/24 17:51] White Lebed: secret topic lol
[2008/05/24 17:51] Ray Holgado: woops - I had better not let you know how many peole use me then
[2008/05/24 17:51] You: lol
[2008/05/24 17:52] Linc Nefarious: whoch Ray are we talking to now?
[2008/05/24 17:52] Ray Holgado: oh I am always Ray
[2008/05/24 17:52] Ray Holgado: That is the issue
[2008/05/24 17:52] Linc Nefarious: heh
[2008/05/24 17:52] Ray Holgado: I have an identity - but is it legal?
[2008/05/24 17:52] You: good question - and what about RL entities who are multiple personalities...
[2008/05/24 17:52] You: using a single av in sl
[2008/05/24 17:52] Linc Nefarious: ohhhh
[2008/05/24 17:53] White Lebed: officially they don't exist
[2008/05/24 17:53] White Lebed: but we know they do
[2008/05/24 17:53] You: legally no - thankfully
[2008/05/24 17:53] Nimbus Rau: Re the original question - my next step, in that scenario would be to contact youtube directly and ask for the video to be taken down. they're known to do that for copyright infringements. And if one created the item, it would surely be the case that one would be able to show some evidence of that - original artwork in rl, photoshop files of textures, etc etc?
[2008/05/24 17:53] Juanita Deharo: But is there a point to bringing rl art into sl and putting it on walls as 2D unless you are linking it to RL sales?
[2008/05/24 17:53] RITCHEY Jacobus: is therw an arts register in sl were artists can register works and names
[2008/05/24 17:53] You: sharing your images
[2008/05/24 17:54] You: no
[2008/05/24 17:54] Linc Nefarious: Juanita...why not? a new market for your art
[2008/05/24 17:54] Donita Spyker is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:54] Nimbus Rau: Making SL sales in and of itself isn't a good reason? I know someone who does that with her RL art, and it seems to work for her.
[2008/05/24 17:54] Octaine Quinnell: Yes sharing that is a good point
[2008/05/24 17:54] Juanita Deharo: well yes Linc - but as I said only seems reasonable if it is linked to rl
[2008/05/24 17:54] Nimbus Rau: well, folks' definitions of "reasonable" can vary.
[2008/05/24 17:54] You: SL is a social networking site - you could bring your RL 2d in for social reasons not linked to monetry gain but still have copyright situations to deal with
[2008/05/24 17:54] Juanita Deharo: Ok Nimbus - I see- to make SL money yes
[2008/05/24 17:55] Nimbus Rau: Perhaps someone has a body of RL work that they created previously, and they're selling it in Sl simply to generate an SL income for themselves That seems quite "reasonable" to me.
[2008/05/24 17:55] Octaine Quinnell: I have people just view my stuff in SL and ask me to create something fro them in Rl so it works for me Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:55] Juanita Deharo: well unless it is linked to rl there is NO way you can establish copyright in SL
[2008/05/24 17:55] Juanita Deharo: I can go and get any image and bring it in and call it mine
[2008/05/24 17:55] Larkum Woodget is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:55] Nimbus Rau: true.
[2008/05/24 17:56] SuperKara Kline is Offline
[2008/05/24 17:56] Ray Holgado: and we know people are doing that
[2008/05/24 17:56] Nimbus Rau: and it's hard to provide any kind of airtight *proof* that Avatar A is RL Person B.
[2008/05/24 17:56] You: and how rl does it have to get? - what of digital photos I have in SL and on flickr butno longer have teh orginal files due to data loss...
[2008/05/24 17:56] Linc Nefarious: yes, my point, to make SL money. the point of SL is volume. there isnt much now but it will grow. 300L is about $1US dollar. why not sell 500 copies?
[2008/05/24 17:56] Ray Holgado: you can buy any number of famous artist's works
[2008/05/24 17:56] Nimbus Rau: Eventually, it does come down to a certain level of trust, I think.
[2008/05/24 17:56] Octaine Quinnell: If I did not own the artwork I could not really create a similar styled work. Even if the person did steal my commision it would just be bad luck for me I guess. But being a graphic artist - this happens alot in RL
[2008/05/24 17:57] You: all the time Oct
[2008/05/24 17:57] Juanita Deharo: but Octaine I could take an image from the net and use it in SL to create an artwork - then take it out into rl and sell it or use it
[2008/05/24 17:57] Juanita Deharo: so does it matter?
[2008/05/24 17:57] You: if you create a logo or image whilst working for an agenvcy or company then the comapny owns the coipyright not you
[2008/05/24 17:58] Ray Holgado: I like the idea of an art registry b- who suggested that?
[2008/05/24 17:58] Nimbus Rau: well, if you create it under their instruction, yes. Not if you do it for yourself in your own time.
[2008/05/24 17:58] Linc Nefarious: software its a bit different actually
[2008/05/24 17:58] Juanita Deharo: Would you inlcude 2D images in that?
[2008/05/24 17:58] You: I knew the guy who drew the first boxing kangaroo that got used for the Ammericas cup fame
[2008/05/24 17:58] You: he didn't even geta ty formt he agency he was working with
[2008/05/24 17:58] Octaine Quinnell: Yes Quad
[2008/05/24 17:58] Nimbus Rau: that sucks.
[2008/05/24 17:58] Juanita Deharo: depends how your contracts are drawn up
[2008/05/24 17:59] Octaine Quinnell: Yes
[2008/05/24 17:59] Juanita Deharo: If I sell copyright there's a whacking big hit on the fee
[2008/05/24 17:59] You: true Juanita
[2008/05/24 17:59] Linc Nefarious: as an employee, the employer owns the copyright. as a contractor, you own the copyright.
[2008/05/24 17:59] You: lol yep
[2008/05/24 17:59] Octaine Quinnell: My company owns my creations and ideas
[2008/05/24 17:59] Juanita Deharo: not necessarily Linc
[2008/05/24 17:59] Juanita Deharo: lucky compnay Octaine
[2008/05/24 17:59] Linc Nefarious: it depends of the contracts of course.
[2008/05/24 17:59] Ray Holgado: so is an art register possible?
[2008/05/24 17:59] Ray Holgado: who should keep it?
[2008/05/24 18:00] Ray Holgado: what should be in it?
[2008/05/24 18:00] Ray Holgado: what is this pose Quad?
[2008/05/24 18:00] Ray Holgado: why do I keep scratching my balls?
[2008/05/24 18:00] Octaine Quinnell: But I only have to write a letter asking to publish my art and I have legal rights to do so as I am the original ownerArticle G75
[2008/05/24 18:00] You: lol is your ao ray...
[2008/05/24 18:00] Nimbus Rau: how would you prove authorship for the register in an airtight way?
[2008/05/24 18:01] You: that is the rub
[2008/05/24 18:01] Mayra Roffo is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:01] Juanita Deharo: that's the question nimbus
[2008/05/24 18:01] Nimbus Rau: It really is, isn't it? It all comes down to that, in the end.
[2008/05/24 18:01] Octaine Quinnell: Yes
[2008/05/24 18:01] Octaine Quinnell: We can't seem to ansewr that one
[2008/05/24 18:01] Juanita Deharo: and it is impossible to prove
[2008/05/24 18:02] Jon Haskell is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:02] Juanita Deharo: and such a data base would be totally unmanageable
[2008/05/24 18:02] Gracie Kendal is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:02] Juanita Deharo: But there is a need for some documentation of art and the devel of art in SL
[2008/05/24 18:02] Juanita Deharo: cos people like Dan Coyote are stealing the story
[2008/05/24 18:02] Nimbus Rau: well, it might be provable in person - "here's the rough sketches I made leading up to artwork A; and I'll now paint a pic in the same style as artwork B.." but without RL contact, it's very hard.
[2008/05/24 18:03] Nimbus Rau: Dan Coyote?
[2008/05/24 18:03] Juanita Deharo: 'hyperformalism'
[2008/05/24 18:03] Octaine Quinnell: Yes Nim Ithought of doing that too
[2008/05/24 18:03] You: yes he's very vociferois
[2008/05/24 18:03] Linc Nefarious: well, you can embed a digital signature into a work. but how do you stop someone making basically a copy. its not the original, but so what?
[2008/05/24 18:03] Nimbus Rau: I'm not familiar with him or his work.
[2008/05/24 18:03] Octaine Quinnell: But still can't prove ownership of any of those items either really
[2008/05/24 18:03] You: and confrontational when approched about his art
[2008/05/24 18:03] Juanita Deharo: the story of sl art is being written by a few
[2008/05/24 18:03] Juanita Deharo: there is a need for some proper art historians in sl
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: you have to know a few overhyped names
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: check the blogs
[2008/05/24 18:04] Nimbus Rau: *nod* I'll do that. any in particular?
[2008/05/24 18:04] Nimbus Rau accepted your inventory offer.
[2008/05/24 18:04] Juanita Deharo: you cant prove copyright of items made only in sl either
[2008/05/24 18:04] Octaine Quinnell: Well you can't stop somone making a copy but it is illegal
[2008/05/24 18:04] You: notecard of his latest press release
[2008/05/24 18:04] Nimbus Rau: thanks, Quad. :-)
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: ok people very nice talk - gotto go back to my builds :)
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: ty quad
[2008/05/24 18:04] You: yw White thanks for coming
[2008/05/24 18:04] Octaine Quinnell: ByeWhite
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: oups
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: lol
[2008/05/24 18:04] White Lebed: that wasnt' graceful
[2008/05/24 18:05] You: lol sorry
[2008/05/24 18:05] White Lebed: the table if phantom
[2008/05/24 18:05] White Lebed: lol
[2008/05/24 18:05] White Lebed: no i tis funny
[2008/05/24 18:05] You: dismounting in sl rarely is lol
[2008/05/24 18:05] White Lebed: cu
[2008/05/24 18:05] Ray Holgado: Octiane if I sold something as mod so someone couold resize it all they have to do is link a transparent ball to it and it says they made it
[2008/05/24 18:05] You: not in inspect it doesn't
[2008/05/24 18:05] Linc Nefarious: what about embedding a digital signature into the work using what is called steganography. which is embedding information into an image.
[2008/05/24 18:06] You: I could have shown you - as White was wearing a pair of earrings she made out of an item I gave her
[2008/05/24 18:06] Octaine Quinnell: Can be edited out in most programs Linc
[2008/05/24 18:06] You: the prims she borrowed form my work would still show me as creator
[2008/05/24 18:06] Linc Nefarious: yes it can. but without it, it isnt the real thing.
[2008/05/24 18:06] Juanita Deharo: true- but the object would say it was created by her
[2008/05/24 18:07] Fangorn Dengaku is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:07] White Lebed is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:07] You: only on the edit level
[2008/05/24 18:07] Juanita Deharo: but you could put in a false one then Linc
[2008/05/24 18:07] You: inspect is easy and shows creator prim by prim
[2008/05/24 18:07] Ray Holgado: It seems an impossible question
[2008/05/24 18:07] You: sorry folks - I will have to leave you - I am attending a rl course today
[2008/05/24 18:07] Ginseng Kyong is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:07] Nimbus Rau: Juanita, anyone who's ever built an object in Sl would know that checkign other prims would help clarify any issues regarding who made what.
[2008/05/24 18:07] Linc Nefarious: true, but again, it isnt the real thing. a person can fake it sure, but only you have the real object.
[2008/05/24 18:07] Juanita Deharo: and I have to hanfg out the washing
[2008/05/24 18:08] Juanita Deharo: thanks Qyad - an interesting topic
[2008/05/24 18:08] Juanita Deharo: bye all
[2008/05/24 18:08] You: please stay and discuss the issue - I will leave my av here so I can stiull create a transcript and will post it to the salon's own blog\
[2008/05/24 18:08] Octaine Quinnell: Bye Quad
[2008/05/24 18:08] RITCHEY Jacobus: bye juan
[2008/05/24 18:08] Nimbus Rau: oh, seeya, quad! Interesting discussion indeed. Thanks for organising it!
[2008/05/24 18:08] You: ty Juanita see you agin soon
[2008/05/24 18:08] Ray Holgado: yes thanks quad
[2008/05/24 18:08] Ray Holgado: nice to meet you all too
[2008/05/24 18:08] Linc Nefarious: it raises more questions than it answers im afraid
[2008/05/24 18:08] Nimbus Rau: oh, the salon has a blog? the things one learns. ;-)
[2008/05/24 18:08] Octaine Quinnell: Bye Juanita
[2008/05/24 18:08] You: there will be another salon in a fortnight
[2008/05/24 18:08] You: It will by this eveing lol
[2008/05/24 18:09] Nimbus Rau: bye Juanita!
[2008/05/24 18:09] You: farewell
[2008/05/24 18:09] You: afk
[2008/05/24 18:09] Nimbus Rau: That's the problem with complicated issues, Linc. If it were easy we'd have the solution already. :-7
[2008/05/24 18:09] fabilene Cortes: :) I will try to read again all this
[2008/05/24 18:09] RITCHEY Jacobus: i must be off see you all again
[2008/05/24 18:09] Ray Holgado: Rictchey you are a bit of an inspiration the way you use SL for marketing
[2008/05/24 18:09] Ray Holgado: nice to meet you
[2008/05/24 18:10] RITCHEY Jacobus: yes thank you ray
[2008/05/24 18:10] Octaine Quinnell: Yes Ritchey
[2008/05/24 18:10] fabilene Cortes: thanks for inviting me to the discussion, Octaine
[2008/05/24 18:10] fabilene Cortes: see you all
[2008/05/24 18:10] Ray Holgado: you were very quiet fabilene
[2008/05/24 18:10] Octaine Quinnell: That is OK Fabilene
[2008/05/24 18:10] Nimbus Rau waves goodbye to everyone who's leaving now
[2008/05/24 18:10] Linc Nefarious: for sure. but at least we are starting to ask better questions
[2008/05/24 18:10] Nimbus Rau: Um, is anyone staying?
[2008/05/24 18:10] Ray Holgado: bye nimbus
[2008/05/24 18:10] RITCHEY Jacobus: see you
[2008/05/24 18:10] Octaine Quinnell: I can for a bit
[2008/05/24 18:10] RITCHEY Jacobus: all again soon
[2008/05/24 18:10] Linc Nefarious: im staying for a while
[2008/05/24 18:10] Ray Holgado: I spose I ought to get some sunlight or I might wilt
[2008/05/24 18:10] fabilene Cortes: I was trying to understand each point and to see what I missed :)
[2008/05/24 18:11] fabilene Cortes: I am always very quiet when I just want to learn :)
[2008/05/24 18:11] Nimbus Rau: I find it all very interesting to discuss, but my issues are a little different to those of many 2d artists.
[2008/05/24 18:11] Ray Holgado: you are a sculptor
[2008/05/24 18:11] Ray Holgado: ?
[2008/05/24 18:11] fabilene Cortes: right, Nimbus
[2008/05/24 18:11] Nimbus Rau: I like to fondly imagine that the compexity of my avs helps prevent casual copying, at the very least. But who knows? I could be kidding myself.
[2008/05/24 18:11] Octaine Quinnell: Yes well the discission might help you wtih your own SL Gallery Fab
[2008/05/24 18:12] Nimbus Rau: I make avatars. The one I'm wearing is my current work-in-progress.
[2008/05/24 18:12] Ray Holgado: ahah - you make avatars - like that fabulous dragon
[2008/05/24 18:12] Octaine Quinnell: Please jon us again Fabilene
[2008/05/24 18:12] fabilene Cortes: That's why it is so difficult to give a general answer about copyrights and artworks in sl :) see you again
[2008/05/24 18:12] Ray Holgado: Are you the one who made those cats?
[2008/05/24 18:12] fabilene Cortes: it is 3am for me :)
[2008/05/24 18:12] Ray Holgado: bye fabilene
[2008/05/24 18:12] Nimbus Rau: yes, exactly, fab! but it's an interesting topic to debate, just the same.
[2008/05/24 18:13] Octaine Quinnell: yes
[2008/05/24 18:13] Nimbus Rau: Yes, I made some cats as well. dunno if they're the ones you've seen, but it's pretty likely that they might be. :-)
[2008/05/24 18:13] Lord Coalcliff is Offline
[2008/05/24 18:13] Ray Holgado: they were on the catwalk (!) at quads one night
[2008/05/24 18:14] Nimbus Rau: yup, those were mine. :-)
[2008/05/24 18:14] Octaine Quinnell: Nim your artwork is much harder to copy than our SD RL artwork once in SL
[2008/05/24 18:14] Octaine Quinnell: 2D
[2008/05/24 18:14] Octaine Quinnell: sorry
[2008/05/24 18:14] Nimbus Rau: yes, that's my point. it's not impossible, but the issues are more technical than ethical, for me, to some degree. If that makes sense.
[2008/05/24 18:14] Linc Nefarious: true. you have an advantage there
[2008/05/24 18:14] Ray Holgado: Octaine - I think the best thing is to make only SL artworks
[2008/05/24 18:14] Nimbus Rau: It's probably the *safest* way, anyway.
[2008/05/24 18:15] Octaine Quinnell: Yes I have started
[2008/05/24 18:15] Octaine Quinnell: pop over to my studio and you can see my progress
[2008/05/24 18:15] Ray Holgado: But its also probably the way we should go - make a new world
[2008/05/24 18:15] Ray Holgado: not just a 3D replica
[2008/05/24 18:15] Octaine Quinnell: But one of my builds combines Rl and SL artwork
[2008/05/24 18:16] Nimbus Rau: I get a bit leery of too many *shoulds* - everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do in SL. There's space for all of us here. :-)
[2008/05/24 18:16] Ray Holgado: sorry - yes nimbus
[2008/05/24 18:16] Octaine Quinnell: Sometimes not enough space
[2008/05/24 18:16] Linc Nefarious: I like the idea of SL/RL bleeding a bit into each other
[2008/05/24 18:16] Octaine Quinnell: Yes me too
[2008/05/24 18:16] Nimbus Rau: That said, it always amazes and delights me when someone does something Cool and Original in SL.
[2008/05/24 18:16] Ray Holgado: yes I like that too Linc
[2008/05/24 18:16] Octaine Quinnell: Gices the world some groundign
[2008/05/24 18:16] Octaine Quinnell: grounding
[2008/05/24 18:16] Octaine Quinnell: lol
[2008/05/24 18:17] Linc Nefarious: if I saw something amazing in SL, it would be great to be able to hang it in my house in RL if I wanted to
[2008/05/24 18:17] Octaine Quinnell: Can I res an example
[2008/05/24 18:17] Nimbus Rau: yeah. It's all very well to get all transhumanist and enthused about SL, but we come to it from RL, with our RL backgrounds and experiences. Starting with a visual language that folk can understand can be valuable, I think.
[2008/05/24 18:17] Nimbus Rau: One doesn't have to stay there, but it can be a good starting point.
[2008/05/24 18:18] Ray Holgado: true- that's why I make baskets!
[2008/05/24 18:18] Nimbus Rau: yep. and it's why I make cat avs as well as more fantastical things.
[2008/05/24 18:19] Octaine Quinnell: My Rl art is very photo real - my SL art is pure abstract
[2008/05/24 18:19] Nimbus Rau: I have a project on the drawing board that I'll start seriously working on after I've finished this dragonet, and that new project's seriously abstract and fantastical. I'm *really* looking forward to working on it.
[2008/05/24 18:19] Ray Holgado: but you could combibe the two in SL I guess
[2008/05/24 18:19] Octaine Quinnell: Yes
[2008/05/24 18:19] Ray Holgado: Nimbus - creativity is the buzz