Wednesday, April 8, 2009

quadrapop Lane in Primavera Show

Angelgate have a new gallery and are opening it with a huge show with works by 38 SL artists - quadrapop being one of them!

I am so proud to be shown next to the likes of Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Strawberry Holiday and many, many more well known artists.

AngelGate is a non-profit community promoting creative exploration and innovative arts.

The opening is on 11th April noon, so is timed to coincide with quad's sleep time but don't let that stop you from going and being amazed, immersed and blown away by the works of these artists.

LMs to come after I go inworld ;-)

Why no posts?

Long time no post here - and the reason is so much has happened in the last month.... has it really been that long!

It has been a month of change on QTI with many things happening unexpectedly or in a messy fashion - not all of which were under my control. The long story short is that QTI is effectively no more.

The Quadrapop Tree Gallery continues to exist - it has moved to a new sim and will reopen in a few weeks (once I've bullied our artists into exhibiting their latest pieces as well as an early work in a kind of group retrospective - "Looking back, Looking forward")

If you are in the Subscribo for the Quadrapop Tree you will know some of this already and will be informed of more information as it become available. If you are not - hit the subscribo panel at the landing point on QTI - available there only till 11 April.

Thank you to all the people who have supported QTI over the last 9 months and who have enjoyed the builds there - but never fear there will be builds with that special 'qaud touch' available for your enjoyment somewhere on the grid.

Look forward to seeing you at the new venue soon :-)