Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rooftop Club Gallery Line up and more

The Rooftop's DJ line up now looks something like this....

5pm - 7 : Colleen Lilliehook
7pm - 9 : ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11 : Katherine Ivory
6pm-8 : LeeLee Frangilli
5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow
8pm - 10 : Windsor Lorefield
11am-1 : Frederic Graves
6pm - 8 : CheckersSpeech Low
5pm - 7 : CheckersSpeech Low
7pm - 9 : Ennui Clip
9pm - 12 : PirateDucky Constantine
12am - 2 : Pasta Vendetta
5pm-8 : Quirky Questi

As you can see we are slowly filling the week... and starting to cover prime timezones other than the US. The music styles are varied, but all the DJs have info card givers in the club (just inside the door) so come on in and check out when your favourite DJ is playing or who is playing what...

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