Saturday, April 16, 2011

QT Gallery April News


After working with the wonderful Friends Fighting Cancer team at the 2011 Fantasy Faire during April: in the form of 10 works placed in Vendors at two places (these will be available till the end of the Relay in July), as well as estate management and trouble shooting during the Faire, I've settled back into Inworldz creation.

All the works made at the Quadrapop Tree Gallery in Inworldz have now been photographed individually and will be posted shortly to quadrapop's Koinup pages.

The creative juices have flowed over March and April. During March Dolphin Bay sim saw the introduction of the Q3 (or Q cubed) Gallery. This new space houses some distinctly modernist and minimalist pieces as homage to the influences of 20th Century Art in the creation of Quadrapop Tree Gallery items.

March also saw additions to the QT Particle Gallery - this is an ongoing work in progress and will morph over time into who knows what? As with all the items on the Dolphin Bay sim it depends on the whims of the gods of creation and inspiration...

The Quadrapop Tree has a plot on the IW Birthday sims and this will be up till end of April Tranq & Elena have told us so do go visit:) The Birthday sims are running the new Phlox script engine so worth a visit to see how well things run :)

After the break from IW creation necessitated by volunteering at Fantasy Faire the QT Gallery has added to the growing display on the Dolphin Bay sim the first in an occasional series of prefab builds. The Blue Wooden Store is available on the ground to buy from the box on the boardwalk outside the shop. (Store: 48 prims, Boardwalk: 6 prims, Mod, Copy, No trans for Iz's200) The textures used are largely sourced from the CGTextures website.

Follow quadrapop on Twitter to hear about new items at QT gallery or join the inworld group via the joiners at any of the main galleries on Dolphin Bay. Information about all new additions and events are also listed in the QT gallery thread on the IW forums.