Monday, November 8, 2010

Quadrapop Tree Gallery moves grids

Last posting here was a preview of some new things that were out at QT Gallery in SL. Since then the Gallery displayed a 1/8 sim sized final build called the Black Build. Opened on 2 October it closed on 2oth October and so did the SL Gallery.


Basically a lack of continued faith in Linden Labs (who have done some exceedingly odd things in the last 6 months) and the ending of income from curating UWA Art Challenge which was financing the gallery (I have no idea how people make money from selling art ;).

For the same amount of money it was costing us for a 1/4 sim in SL we purchased and can manitain a whole sim in Inworldz. Full sims in Inworldz allow for 45000 prims, prim sizes range from 0.001m to 256m, scripting works, though physics scripting is currently not turned on (it will be with the introduction of Nvidia Physics engine slated for 1st quarter 2011) and sims seem to manage up to 20 avs without crashing. Which considering the whole thing is running on Opensim tech (all be it tweaked by the IW coders) is pretty good. At the moment some of the expected promotional avenues are not working - but there are work arounds - and this will not always be so. Inworldz is still in open Beta so some things not working quite right are to be expected.


Quadrapop Tree Gallery is now residing on Dolphin Bay sim on Inworldz grid.

Arists interested in exhibiting: there are ten 100 prim low script displays available on a sales commission basis. If more prims are needed these will be negotiated on a per prim price.
Contact quadrapop tree inworld via IM and join the Quadrapop Tree Group.

The official opening of the sim will be in a few weeks once the gallery is completed and the artists are all settled.

Currently quadrapop tree, Scottius Polke, Teal Freenote, and Dusty Canning have works up, these will shortly be joined by a few more interested and interesting people.