Saturday, September 27, 2008

Upcoming events Sept 27 - Oct 4

At the Rooftop Club Gallery:

Jon Haskell - amazing large sculpty animals... even flying pigs and balancing elephants! Australian Trees and plants by Artfox Daviau and Glyph Graves.
RL abstract paintings by Kolor Fall.
RL photographs by quadrapop Lane.

At the rooftop the SL evenings are filling up fast with music. We have an inviting place to come dance, and hear an eclectic mix of music from experienced staff and guest DJs. Manager: Ennui Clip.

7pm - 9pm : ramdog Mimulus
9pm - 11 : Katherine Ivory

5pm - 8 : Penelope Sideshow

5pm - 7 : Orly Clowes
7pm- 9 : Ennui Clip
9pm-12 : PirateDucky Constantine
12am- 2: Pasta Vendetta

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