Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Viewer 2.0 Explorations

I am forcing myself to use the new Beta SL Viewer 2.0... partly so I am up to speed on it when newbies start getting it as their default browser... partly as a challenge to myself... partly as an aid to my friends when they have to start using it.

Random thoughts will be added as I learn the quirks and oddities of this new way to interact with SL.

So in no particular order, other than when I think of/find the weirdness, here goes...

For a blog post that sums up my initial findings and adds to them - and also usefully suggests fixes/things for the Lab to consider: Viewer2.0 beta: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Odd

No Map Cordinates

Map is broken - no ability to specify the co-ordinates - search for a sim and the only Z co-ordinate (height) you can get is the same as you are on in the sim you are currently on - so if you are in a sky box on your home sim and search another sim in map and teleport the only height you can enter at is the same skybox height... boys there are 3 (three) dimensions in this place not 2!

...and to top it off when you get to the new sim you cant tell anywhere on the immediate interface how high up you are as you fall from the sky :(

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