Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More April goodness @ QT Gallery, Inworldz

The muse has been working over time...

The Mining the Archive exhibition draws from over 5 years of RL photographs posted to Flickr. It comprises of a selection of those images from quad's Flickr stream deemed most "interesting" or most commented/favourited.

All 14 images are sold for 100Iz each: framed (3 prims total), mod, no copy , transfer. Modification of framing is available for free - simply IM quadrapop Tree with your requirements.

Mining The Archive, Cloud Gallery, Quadrapop Tree Gallery, Dolphin Bay, Inworldz.

Another piece in the ongoing exploration of the possibilities of combining Corto's sculpties with quadrapop's textures, the QT Blackboy Spikes light boxes are mesmerising light shows on the surface of a cube. Examples are on display both on the ground on Dolphin Bay and up in the Cloud Gallery.

quadrapop is working on uploading images of all the works made in the last 9 months in Inworldz to Koinup. At writing example images of about 1/2 all the works have been uploaded.

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