Saturday, June 18, 2011

New QT Light Gallery on Dolphin Bay

The original QT Gallery on the ground at Dolphin Bay has been revamped and is now made of light, metal, stone and painted brick.

Teal Freenote is the first of the QT Gallery artists to return with 4 new works.

Sculpture 25: "The Raveling of Fate":

Sculpture 30: "InsideOutsideIn Infinite":

Sculpture 31A: "InsideOutsideIn" 3D & Sculpture 31B: "OutsideInsideOut" 3D:

The brick walls of the new gallery are crying out for paintings, prints or NPIRL relief works to decorate them. On each level circular display areas await sculptural pieces and raised surfaces suitable for displaying small sculptures or design pieces, even jewellery.

There are at least 6 free artist places of 200 prims each maximum still available. Original 2D works and sculptural pieces suitable for domestic or commercial display will be especially welcome. Please submit photos of works or LM to a current exhibition for consideration to quadrapop Tree in InWorldz. This is your chance to display your works for free alongside some of the well known artistic names in IW. Come take a look then contact quadrapop Tree in InWorldz.

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