Thursday, August 14, 2008

Events August/September

All times and dates are SLT
Rooftop landmark
Out of the Prim landmark
As always there are works and QTI orginals for sale Below The Clouds

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Monday 25 August
5pm - 12pm SLT
DJs Ennui Clip (9pm+), PirateDucky Constantine (7pm-9pm) and Orly Clowes (5pm-7pm)
Eclectic mix of musical styles to officially open the Rooftop Club
Visual Art featured:
Jon Haskell's Australian Fauna Sculpties
quadrapop Lane's RL photos and SL sculpture.

Out of the Prim (QTI - OotP)
Wednesday 27 August
7pm SLT
Quadrapop Lane will introduce the concepts behind this sim.
What it offers artists and content creators.
Discussion on what events will be held and how they will be structured.
QTI residents and community members encouraged to attend to have their say ;-)

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Wednesday 27th August
9pm - 12pm SLT
DJ Blaze will be playing a 3 hour set of goth and punk.... get to the Rooftop and party with the Blue Neko.
Art featured:
Jon Haskell's Australian Fauna
quadrapop Lane's RL photos and SL sculpture.

Rooftop Club (QTI - RC)
Monday 1 September
5pm - 12pm SLT
DJs Ennui Clip, PirateDucky Constantine, Orly Clowes and guest DJ TBA
regular weekly party - come on down and hear something new
New artworks to look at!

Out of the Prim (QTI - OotP)
Wednesday 3 September
7pm SLT
Kolor Fall - PRIMitism... First work sessions will be "Drawing in Space" (i.e. will be making and using a drawing pens)
Series of Interactive Seminars using art-building tools Kolor is developing and/or using in SL.

Upcoming but TBA events:
RC - QTI resident Blaze Dalgleish will be DJing a Goth/punk set
OotP - Bau Ur - Alpha textures in sl
OotP - quadrapop Lane - camera controls tutorial
OotP - quadrapop Lane - how to use glow in your builds
New artworks on display at Rooftop every 2 weeks

DJs and live performers!

If any DJs or live performers would like to utilise the Rooftop for a set please contact Ennui Clip or PirateDucky Constantine. The club comes with a shoutcast stream and a tip jar system. PLease make use of this service - we love to hear you play!Rooftop Club is open 24 hours for your enjoyment.

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