Friday, August 8, 2008

Rooftop Club - Monday is DJ night

From 25 August Monday nights (6pm - midnight) will be DJ night at the Rooftop Club - DJs Ennui Clip, PirateDucky Constantine and a guest DJ/performer will be doing eclectic sets for your enjoyment. Come listen, dance and have a great time with the friendly crew at the Rooftop.

Not only do you get music and good company: you can view the works of visual artists, check out the Garage gallery and the Back Yard sculpture area. Quadrapop Lane's photos and Jon Haskell's Aussie animals are currently on display. New feature artists every fortnight.

Remember to have a look at the shopping arcade and the amazing landscape on the ground - TPs in the balls outside the front entrance to the Club.

Content creators - we have 3600sqm residential/studio parcels for rent on a monthly basis with many extras - contact quadrapop Lane in world for more information and a copy of the current covenant

From 25th August Monday nights (SLT) will be one long party at the Rooftop! See you there....

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