Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Salons returning soon!

... to "Out of the Prim" at Quadrapop Tree Isle.

Kolor Fall will be doing a talk soon on a cool tool he has created for drawing in 3 dimensions within SL... before then we will have a seminar looking at the concepts behind the Quadrapop Tree Isle... keep an eye on this space for more info.

Other seminars being held at Quadrapop Tree Isle will include:
- camera controls
- DJing and using Shoutcast in SL
- using landform tools
- reducing your lag

Exact times and dates to be confirmed.

In the meantime come on over and check out the artworks and crazy flora and fauna on this sim. A preview of some of the stuff you will find there at Polysilox's site (thanks for taking pics when I was busy running the sim opening Poly;-).

Other sites to visit on the sim include:
Shopping Arcade - where you can purchase your own copies of the plants and view works by our resident artists
Rooftop Club - a great hangout being run by the energetic Ennui Clip - open mic nights as well as regular sets by inhouse and guest DJs
Under Water display - trippy rainbows and glowy stuff!

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